Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pacific Asia Museum

I asked my parents to take me to an art museum for my art history class and although they weren't happy about it, they ended up taking me anyways.

It was in Pasadena, and I loved the feel of it but I realized I didn't look around as much as I wanted to. I just wanted to get what I needed for my assignment so I can go back to the apartment and finish my homework.

I went straight into the Korean art portion and saved the Kimino exhibit they had till the end since that would just be for my pleasure.

I took some pictures of what were my favorite pieces in the Korean art section and about which ones I would want to write about. I am mostly stuck between the top two, the frog and the lotus are both very beautiful. 

I really loved the box as well, but the history behind it was not as interesting as the lotus piece.

After I was done with the Korean part of the exhibit I decided to look the Kimino exhibit since there were these two kiminos that caught my eye when I passed it.

I also looked at some Chinese art that was very beautiful. I feel like I should have explored more but I felt very awkward because they had something going on in the courtyard with a bunch of people so it made me feel uncomfortable -.- lol

Anyways, afterwards my parents came to pick me back up and we stopped by Wahoo's Tacos. I hadn't been there since I was like in middle school and it was when my dad was doing work Huntington Beach. 

Apparently it's Mexican/Hawaiian/ Brazilian food? I don't know, but I ordered the Maui bowl which has Teriyaki steak with brown rice and black beans and it was delicious! I have a lot of left overs though because the plate was so huge O__O 

And there was a really nice guy who was serving us, he had a full sleeve tattoo and I was so worried my mom was going to be saying crap to me but she ended up also complimenting on how kind he was. Yay~ my mom is growing up, kinda lol.

Well, off to do my Korean art history homework~

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