Saturday, October 13, 2012

KCON 2012

So after KCON I realized I don't look good in hipster glasses lol

KCON was more work than fun, well at least the convention part. It was such a hot day, I turned 50 shades browner lol jk, but I did get much tanner due to waiting in line for merchandise when they ended up selling out anyways -__-" 

KCON definitely wasn't prepared for the amount of people that were attending, they anticipated much smaller numbers which ended up hindering many of the panels and other types of activities.

The kpop artist panels were all over the place, I missed NU'EST due to waiting in the merchandise line to get something B.A.P related so I could get it signed. Unfortunately, I didn't get any B.A.P merchandise but either way many people who bought merchandise weren't able to get it signed because the KCON staff didn't announce when it was happening. Many people were pissed about this, myself included.

I ended up meeting my Japanese T.A. at KCON he was also waiting to see when they would announce the B.A.P panel/autograph signing. They kept sending us back and forth which ended up with the B.A.P panel/autograph signing passing without anyone's knowledge -_____- They were the only ones I really wanted to see, them and NU'EST so I was done with the panels. Tia wanted to see EXO-M though so we tried to figure out where that was.

After much wait we gave up on trying to find the panel/autograph signing and Tia and Drea hoped they would just be able to take photos of them. We did manage to watch some of Eat Your Kimchi's panel and saw Simon and Martina :] 

The day was so hot, and so tiring. Of course food was expensive and we ran out of the food we brought T-T We went to the food trucks to see if we could get something and while we were there we saw Dumbfoundead :D I was so happy since he is so talented and hot haha so me and Tia went to take a picture with him. 

Tia was still bummed about the whole trouble it took to figure out eh EXO-M panel because we found out only the first 100 people with tickets are able to get an autograph. 10,000+ and only 100 people get to meet them? People were pissed of course. And they apparently only passed out the tickets to peopled covered in merchandise of the kpop artists -__- again people were pissed.

Tia managed to see EXO-M and took lots of pictures and screamed her head off for Tao and Kris lol. Drea was also going crazy xD apparently Kris waved over to her direction of group of girls she was at. Yeah, it was hours of waiting but Tia and Drea found it was worth it lol.

I don't know, I pretty much hated KCON lol, it sucked ass. I was hoping the concert was better and luckily it was :]

The first people to perform was AJ Rafael, Dumbfoundead, DAZE47, and the Blue Whale Brothers. I really enjoyed Dumbfoundead's performance and would actually want to watch him again. One word, talented. Daze47 were pretty cool too, I also enjoyed the Blue Whale Brothers performance.

Of course, after the intro acts came the main reason why I went to KCON: B.A.P <3 I was so happy to see them performing in person :D I already forgot which songs they performed since this was back in October and it's now December but for sure they played "No Mercy"

I went crazy on the photo taking when it came to B.A.P lol therefore there are way more photos of them than any other group.

I was so bummed they only performed 3 songs D: even VIXX played more songs! No offense to them, but B.A.P is way more well known then VIXX, I didn't even know who they were until KCON. 

And unfortunately  they didn't play "Dancing in the Rain" :[ I figured since it's such a big concert they would have limites songs to perform and "Dancing in the Rain" probably wasn't high on the list but it's still sad lol. They didn't even play "Power" though :O many people were surprised, instead the last 2 songs they played were more slow songs. Many people were happy but confused about this since they are known for their harder songs.

They still were awesome live though, I was so happy to see Zelo in person<3

After that, G.NA performed as well as VIXX and then NU'EST :] I didn't care much for G.NA or VIXX :/ but it was cool to see them perform. 

I was super happy to see NU'EST perform though :D since they are such a rookie group I knew KCON was the only time I could probably be able to see them live. And I was so happy to see "Face" live :D I used to have that song on repeat. 

And let me say, JR is so cute in person. I know a lot of people like Ren, but JR is my favorite :]

After NU'EST, EXO-M ended up performing. Of course, they were the main reason why KCON attendees came. The cheers and screams were crazy loud. Exotics are known to be crazy fans lol. Tia and Drea are also exotics and they were going crazy! It was actually entertaining xD

When they were singing along it sounded like they were screaming and I don't even know what LOL. I liked EXO-M but I wasn't too crazy about them. Even now, I like EXO-M but I don't consider myself an exotic. I actually like Luhan best after the concert, he is so adorable :3 I used to like Kris and Tao, still awesome eyecandy though haha

After EXO-M, 4MINUTE ended up being the finale. A lot of people were confused on why they were last since most of the people came to see EXO-M. I even saw some people leave after EXO-M. I wanted to hear "Volume Up" and they performed it well. 

But they ended up performing around 6 songs while everyone else performed like3 or 4. I was kinda like wtf..about this since many people did not come to see 4MINUTE to be honest. Many people were there for EXO-M, then B.A.P, and then NU'EST. The girl groups were the last thing on anyone's mind LOL.

But the concert was still so awesome. Even if B.A.P didn't perform a lot of songs all the performances were so good and I really enjoyed it. The concert definitely made up for the crappy day.

The way we summed up KCON: sucks as a convention, awesome as a concert :]

All of the kpop performers

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