Saturday, October 27, 2012

JSA's "Night of the Grudge" in West Hollywood

Top Right: Yuzo and Taka I think?
Bottom Right: L from Death Note!

So October 25th was JSA's Night of the Grudge event at the club Level 3 :] It had lots of different members from other JSA's like from UCLA and CSU Long Beach. This was my first time at a club so I was excited.

We were going to ride a bus to LA, which was going to come pick us up at 8:15pm. But Cameron said that they actually were coming at 9:00 and that the JSA officers lied to us so we wouldn't be late LOL

Jenny and Rika ended up not coming since they were swamped with work :/ some people were also swamped and even had midterm the next day, but they were determined to go haha xD

Yuzo asked if I wanted to get ready at his place with his friends and just have a kickback before the club so me and Ayaka joined him and his friends. I ending up meeting Saori, Tomoko, and his other friend Andre.

We ate pizza and listened to music as we got ready for the club.

Left: Tomoko, Yuzo, and Ayaka
Right: Tomoko, Yuzo, and Me

Bottom Left: Fernando was the Hulk :D

I was getting ready quick status so I could help Ayaka with her hair and Yuzo with his make up lol. He decided to be a female witch for the event xD He actually can look pretty cute/girly at times LOL 

We left to meet at the flagpoles so we could wait for the bus. That's when we met up with everyone else, Alex, Sean, Darren, Erika, etc...we got on the bus and so began the 1 hour long ride lol.

People were already getting tipsy on the bus haha, oh these kids~ haha I swear it felt like high school. 

When we first got to the club it was slow because the songs they were playing were just hip hop songs you would play at a kickback. I was thinking wtf is up with this music? =___=; but then, they got to the good stuff, techno/house party music.

Top Left: Me with Alex. Top Right: Sean, Alex, and Erika
Bottom Left: me and Darren. Bottom Right: me and Shotaro

The bathroom was pretty awesome, besides the fact that
I stepped on a dirty pad D: I was freaking out for a good amount
of time. So gross lol

I had so much fun in general, but there were of course the creepers O__o hahaha there was this one guy with this mustache trying to hit on me and Erika when we first got into the club and kept trying throughout the whole night when we would see us lol. Epic fail...

I danced majority of the time with my friends, Ayaka, Erika, Yuzo, Sean, Darren, etc~ lol we just stayed in our little circle majority of the time. I danced with 2 other guys that weren't my friends and one of them was SUPER creeper like on a whole level.

He was dancing kinda um sexual lol and when Yuzo was trying to "save me" by asking me to dance the guy didn't want to let um yeah. So then I actually ending up trying to leave and he asked me for my number and I told him no and then he asked me again and I said no again, and he just kept insisting!! OMFG so he handed me his phone and I gave him my old phone number, and then he tried to call it so I booked it. 

He is dumb if he thought I was going to give him my number after telling him no 3 times -___-"

Anywho~ Me and Ayaka were dancing up in the front after that and having so much fun. We ended up dancing with these two Japanese guys but I guess the one Ayaka was dancing with wanted to kiss The guy I was dancing with was pretty chill and funny lol so we added each other on Facebook. (Besides you can always delete and block them on Facebook if it goes wrong haha)

We were looking for Shotaro in the club but when we were waiting for the bus we saw him and found out that he got kicked out in the first 5 minutes because someone bought him a drink and he is under aged. So lame -__- 

We left the club around 2:30AM and it was a long, cold ride home haha. The bus windows kept coming down and the wind was freezing cold! Ayaka was pretty much dying lol she gets cold easily. We were really hungry by the time we got back to Irvine but so tired so we just went back to Yuzo's place to get our stuff and because he had left over pizza. He ended up making us some hot tea as well.

We ended up being so tired though that we just slept over at Yuzo's and Tomoko's place. Yuzo was so nice and let me and Ayaka use his bed which was so comforable. My bed is so hard -__- I thought it was just me but Ayaka also mentioned to me in the morning how stiff our beds are compared to his xD

I had to go to class the next day, and although class wasn't till 3PM I needed to do my hw for it T-T So Yuzo dropped me and Ayaka off at my place where we had breakfast and Ayaka had oatmeal for the first time :D She really liked it since it was the flavored kind ^^ And she helped me with my Japanese hw ^^

Oh! and Yuzo won the best costume at the club which means he got a free iPad 2! :D

Overall, it was an cool experience. I'm so excited for the next JSA events :]

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