Thursday, October 18, 2012

JSA's Halloween Costume Shopping

So, I just came back from a JSA meeting and it was ridiculously fun lol. I suck at talking to people but tonight, I ended up meeting a lot more people without it being awkward LOL

We ended up going Halloween costume shopping for the Halloween clubbing event going on next Thursday. I already got my costume (trying to stay on the cheap side lol) so I wasn't going to buy anything but I decided to tag along and keep one of my other friends (Erika) company. Ayaka and Rika ended up coming too even though they had a lot of homework to do ><

Of course all the costumes were expensive and all sexified haha. I taught Ayaka and Rika the word "slutty" haha they used it to describe many of the trashy costumes xD

I ended up meeting this guy named Yuzo, he was so freakin hilarious xD he was looking for a Little Mermaid costume so we tried to help him look for it. He apparently dressed like a girl for Halloween last year when he was in Hawaii so he wants to do it this year too xD He was an angel and would even get hit on by guys hahaha.

I tried to help him find wigs to try on. He said he liked red hair so I told him to try the red wig bahaha he looked pretty snazzy in it but the bangs were too long and covered his eyes lol.

Afterwards Rika, Ayaka, Erika and me were browsing the costumes to just try some on for fun. Ayaka and I tried a sailor outfit which was superrrrr short. And so expensive -__- $50 for a costume you are going to only wear for one day? No thank you~

Erika tried on this cute lollipop/candy girl costume but it was also expensive so she decided to look for cheaper places online. Rika tried on a little red riding hood and Dorthy costume. We agreed the price and the outfits were too much in general but it was fun to look at.

Yuzo was actually in the fitting room and was trying on a Snow White dress and he actually looked really good in it!! xD haha he said he will probably come back and get it if he finds a good wig haha I cannot wait to see him if he does.

After we tried on the costumes we left to a Mexican restaurant. I wasn't planning on eating anything, just wanted to hang out and talk some more.

I ended up meeting Fernando, Sean, and Alex. Fernando is also Mexican and we bonded over not being the only Mexican in the club LOL. Sean is from Riverside which is close to where my hometown was so we talked a bit about that. And Alex just started talking to me lol, but he's cool.

We talked about the most random stuff. They want to get me and Ayaka to smoke hookah -__- so not my thing, I like having virgin lungs lol. Ayaka and Rika were so surprised about how many drugs people in high school would take and would listen to our stories.

Rika ended up leaving earlier because of the homework she had to do, and so did a lot of other JSA members actually lol. Fernando, Sean, Ayaka, Erika, Alex, Cameron, and Shotaro stayed and talked some more.

Ayaka was getting a bit hungry and so was I so we decided to buy a chorizo burrito and split it. Ayaka was really interested in Mexican food so I wanted her to try chorizo since it's my favorite type of Mexican food. She loved it. I was so happy because I was planning on cooking papas con chorizo for her and now for sure I am going to :] She's super excited.

After we were done eating we ended up leaving since it was getting late and all of us have class the next day.

I can't wait for the Halloween event >~< I haven't gone clubbing so this is something I am definitely looking forward to, also a nice break from the workload T-T lol (seriously almost had a breakdown though so freakin' stressful but not as bad as the semester I had stats).

Anywho, I hope I can remember to take pictures at the event >< Now off to bed so I can wake up and do homework TT-TT

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