Thursday, October 4, 2012

The First JSA Meeting

Alright, so yesterday was pretty cool because me and Jenny checked out the JSA club as planned. It was a bit intimating since there were a lot of Japanese people lol (obviously) and they were mostly speaking in Japanese only.

There were also Japanese-Americans though so that helped us not feel so intimidated ^^

Anywho, so the club basically told us what they do which is just give a place for Japanese exchange students to hang out with other people who want to learn or speak Japanese. It's basically just a hang out club with occasional language exchange in it as well.

I met a guy named Tetsuya who is from Northern CA like Jenny ^^ I also met Ayaka who is an exchange student from Kobe, Japan. She was so sweet and we had a lot of stuff in common ^^ She actually lives in the same apartments I do :D Oh, and then I got to know one of the JSA officers named Brian or Yu lol he goes by both.

It was cool because he knew some Spanish from taking it in high school so he asked me some questions about some Spanish words and we talked about cholas and cholos xD Because he asked me how to say "that's cool" in Spanish and I told him I only know the gangster way lol, which of course is "que firme" hahaha omg memories lol. I told him I'd find out the normal way to say it which I remembered was "que suave" (and I double checked with my mom lol)

But anyways, I mingled a bit just not as much as I wanted. But I think it was pretty good since it's been forever since I've been in any social situation. /forever socially awkward lol

They actually have a lot of events throughout the year, and the first big event is going to be for Halloween called "Night of the Grudge". It's going to be at a club in LA where a bunch of other UCs' JSA clubs will be going too.

They said it's a lot of fun and I'm planning on going :] Jenny said she was unsure because she might have a midterm the day after but Ayaka is going since she has never been to a club and neither have I, we thought it would be fun to go :]

The next meeting is next Thursday and I'm pretty excited to go :] I'm bummed though because they are having a BBQ next Saturday but that Saturday I am going to KCON :/ oh well~

Now off to do the buttload of homework ( T - T )

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