Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hanging Out with Ayaka and Jenny

Have I mentioned how much I loath my art history class? I honestly can't wait for this quarter to be over specifically because of that class!

Anyways, yesterday me and Ayaka hung out after my Japanese class. Jenny had class after our Japanese class but after her stats class she ended up meeting us as well :]

Ayaka wanted something from Starbucks since she has never had Starbucks from the U.S., she ended up getting strawberries and creme. It sounded really good but Starbucks is so pricey so I waited to go get something at Cha (which is also kinda pricey but more worth it to me lol).

After I ordered my peach black tea drink we sat outside Cha and talked about what I was learning in my Japanese class and mangas we liked.

She said she really liked Kimi Ni Todoke, and her favorite character is Ryu and he is also my favorite character so we started talking about how much we liked his personality. She says that to her Kimi Ni Todoke is the ideal love, but it is so unrealistic. The sad truth of all awesome love stories.

Jenny ended up meeting up with us shortly after and we started talking about different things in Japanese culture. She mentioned ganguro and then we got to the subject of gyaru. It was strange because she didn't know what gyaru was but she knew what ganguro was.

Then we got on the topic of hosts and she was pretty intrigued by the whole notion of a host club because she had no idea they existed so me and Ayaka explained to her in more depth. I also suggested her to watch "The Great Happiness Space" which is one of my favorite documentaries.

We also talked quite a bit about hair and it was so interesting because both Jenny and Ayaka had blonde hair before! They showed me the pictures of them with blonde hair and they looked so freakin cute! I always like it when Asians have different color hair styles, they can pull them off so well.

Jenny and Ayaka said they liked my hair color because it was bright and different. Jenny said I looked like The Little Mermaid LOL. My older sister told me this too, but I'm not sure if that's a compliment lol. Jenny said it's really easy to spot me because of my hair which is strange because I honestly didn't think my hair caught that much attention...

Then these high school kids come up to me asking if they can take a picture with me. I'm like wtf...and so is Jenny and Ayaka of course lol. Then they explained they are doing a scavenger hunt and they need to take a picture with someone with cool hair. I thought it was weird but harmless so I agreed. Then shortly afterwards another group asked the same thing and told me for the same reason. It was so weird -___________- lol I mean, there was an Asian guy with a fohawk at the table across from us, I thought his hair was way more awesome than mine lol.

Ah~ so strange >< and earlier that day a lady told me she liked my hair and that it was a very interesting color. I'm just there like O__O I do not understand lol, it's just red hair? I don't know. It was just something I'm not used to.

Well Ayaka, Jenny, and I continued to talk a bit more talking about how American culture is so broad and how CA's culture is different from NY's and how even Northern CA is different than Southern CA. She was definitely intrigued by that. Like the slang, in Northern CA they use "hella" as in "that's hella cool" and we usually use "fucking" like, "that's fucking cool". It acutally also interests me quite a bit lol because my cousins would say hella all the time xD (they are from Nor-cal)

But anyways, it was nice hanging out with them. The time was cut short because I had to go to a roommate mediation meeting -__- don't even want to get into that lol. But yeah, now I'm off to work on my hw ( T - T )

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