Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Time Having Shabu Shabu

On October 26th, Yuzo was having a little gathering to celebrate him winning the iPad 2 so he invited me to come. There was first going to be a dinner and then the gathering at his place.

Ayaka couldn't come because she had other plans, and Tomoko and Saori already went out to eat so it ended up being me and Yuzo eating dinner.

We were originally going to go to Ajisen Ramen but then we saw the Swsh Shabu Shabu place and Yuzo found out I've never had shabu shabu he decided to take me.

I was so amused by the dual bowl lol. I just got what he got since I had no idea what to get lol. Everything tasted so good~ And when I had trouble taking food out Yuzo would take it out for me haha he is so nice.

Yuzo said that he would usually go to a shabu shabu place after clubbing with his friends in Japan since they are cheap but this shabu shabu place was not cheap D: lol I freaked out and wanted to pay for my half but he didn't let me -__- I told him next time I would pay.

After dinner, we went to his house. Saori, Tomoko, and Cameron were already there. We ended up talking a bit about what happened at the Halloween event. Apparently there was some drama with this guy in the penguin costume but I couldn't catch what really happened since the story was told in Japanese lol. I need to study more -.- lol

It honestly feels weird having friends, lol. I am not used to it and actually talked about it with Yuzo because he asked about the meaning behind my tattoos. It is nice though, I understand why people like to go out now.

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