Tuesday, October 2, 2012

85 Degrees C Bakery & H-Mart with Jenny

Today was an awesome day :] Though it was my long day of school, I hung out with Jenny after our Japanese class. She asked me if I wanted to go eat I of course said yes.

We ended up stopping by the bookstore though so I could return a stapler I bought. And she told me that freshmen and transfer students get free UCI sweatshirts. I thought to myself, "heck yes!" lol because they are like 30 bucks lol.

Anywho, afterwards we ended up going to 85 Degrees C Bakery which is a famous bakery. I have been told about it a lot by my cousin Michael that says whenever he comes to So-cal he has to get some bread from here (he lives in Nor-cal).

Well, needless to say, the bread was good. I really liked it, but I only ate one piece of bread so far because it was so filling! lol. I'm excited to try the others though :]

Then afterwards, Jenny needed to go grocery shopping so she took me to H-Mart which is a Korean grocery store and she showed me all the food she gets and I got some as well since I was running now on groceries. It was really awesome, so now I am excited to try all the food I got and make it as well :D

When she dropped me off at my apartment I showed her my room and let her borrow my Koizora DVD since she liked the drama 1 Litre of Tears. It's been on my watch list for so long >< but since it's sad and she liked it I thought she might like Koizora :]

Oh, and Jenny also likes body mods :] she just got her cartilage pierced and has an industrial piercing :] She said that she wanted snake bites before but was worried about the scars but when I told her that I had angel bites she was surprised that she saw no scars so she is thinking of getting them done now ^^

Tomorrow is the JSA meeting, which I'm pretty excited for. And tomorrow I am hoping to go to this Korean art exhibit my uni is hosting so I can start my paper for my Korean art class.

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