Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Time Having Shabu Shabu

On October 26th, Yuzo was having a little gathering to celebrate him winning the iPad 2 so he invited me to come. There was first going to be a dinner and then the gathering at his place.

Ayaka couldn't come because she had other plans, and Tomoko and Saori already went out to eat so it ended up being me and Yuzo eating dinner.

We were originally going to go to Ajisen Ramen but then we saw the Swsh Shabu Shabu place and Yuzo found out I've never had shabu shabu he decided to take me.

I was so amused by the dual bowl lol. I just got what he got since I had no idea what to get lol. Everything tasted so good~ And when I had trouble taking food out Yuzo would take it out for me haha he is so nice.

Yuzo said that he would usually go to a shabu shabu place after clubbing with his friends in Japan since they are cheap but this shabu shabu place was not cheap D: lol I freaked out and wanted to pay for my half but he didn't let me -__- I told him next time I would pay.

After dinner, we went to his house. Saori, Tomoko, and Cameron were already there. We ended up talking a bit about what happened at the Halloween event. Apparently there was some drama with this guy in the penguin costume but I couldn't catch what really happened since the story was told in Japanese lol. I need to study more -.- lol

It honestly feels weird having friends, lol. I am not used to it and actually talked about it with Yuzo because he asked about the meaning behind my tattoos. It is nice though, I understand why people like to go out now.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

JSA's "Night of the Grudge" in West Hollywood

Top Right: Yuzo and Taka I think?
Bottom Right: L from Death Note!

So October 25th was JSA's Night of the Grudge event at the club Level 3 :] It had lots of different members from other JSA's like from UCLA and CSU Long Beach. This was my first time at a club so I was excited.

We were going to ride a bus to LA, which was going to come pick us up at 8:15pm. But Cameron said that they actually were coming at 9:00 and that the JSA officers lied to us so we wouldn't be late LOL

Jenny and Rika ended up not coming since they were swamped with work :/ some people were also swamped and even had midterm the next day, but they were determined to go haha xD

Yuzo asked if I wanted to get ready at his place with his friends and just have a kickback before the club so me and Ayaka joined him and his friends. I ending up meeting Saori, Tomoko, and his other friend Andre.

We ate pizza and listened to music as we got ready for the club.

Left: Tomoko, Yuzo, and Ayaka
Right: Tomoko, Yuzo, and Me

Bottom Left: Fernando was the Hulk :D

I was getting ready quick status so I could help Ayaka with her hair and Yuzo with his make up lol. He decided to be a female witch for the event xD He actually can look pretty cute/girly at times LOL 

We left to meet at the flagpoles so we could wait for the bus. That's when we met up with everyone else, Alex, Sean, Darren, Erika, etc...we got on the bus and so began the 1 hour long ride lol.

People were already getting tipsy on the bus haha, oh these kids~ haha I swear it felt like high school. 

When we first got to the club it was slow because the songs they were playing were just hip hop songs you would play at a kickback. I was thinking wtf is up with this music? =___=; but then, they got to the good stuff, techno/house party music.

Top Left: Me with Alex. Top Right: Sean, Alex, and Erika
Bottom Left: me and Darren. Bottom Right: me and Shotaro

The bathroom was pretty awesome, besides the fact that
I stepped on a dirty pad D: I was freaking out for a good amount
of time. So gross lol

I had so much fun in general, but there were of course the creepers O__o hahaha there was this one guy with this mustache trying to hit on me and Erika when we first got into the club and kept trying throughout the whole night when we would see us lol. Epic fail...

I danced majority of the time with my friends, Ayaka, Erika, Yuzo, Sean, Darren, etc~ lol we just stayed in our little circle majority of the time. I danced with 2 other guys that weren't my friends and one of them was SUPER creeper like on a whole level.

He was dancing kinda um sexual lol and when Yuzo was trying to "save me" by asking me to dance the guy didn't want to let um yeah. So then I actually ending up trying to leave and he asked me for my number and I told him no and then he asked me again and I said no again, and he just kept insisting!! OMFG so he handed me his phone and I gave him my old phone number, and then he tried to call it so I booked it. 

He is dumb if he thought I was going to give him my number after telling him no 3 times -___-"

Anywho~ Me and Ayaka were dancing up in the front after that and having so much fun. We ended up dancing with these two Japanese guys but I guess the one Ayaka was dancing with wanted to kiss The guy I was dancing with was pretty chill and funny lol so we added each other on Facebook. (Besides you can always delete and block them on Facebook if it goes wrong haha)

We were looking for Shotaro in the club but when we were waiting for the bus we saw him and found out that he got kicked out in the first 5 minutes because someone bought him a drink and he is under aged. So lame -__- 

We left the club around 2:30AM and it was a long, cold ride home haha. The bus windows kept coming down and the wind was freezing cold! Ayaka was pretty much dying lol she gets cold easily. We were really hungry by the time we got back to Irvine but so tired so we just went back to Yuzo's place to get our stuff and because he had left over pizza. He ended up making us some hot tea as well.

We ended up being so tired though that we just slept over at Yuzo's and Tomoko's place. Yuzo was so nice and let me and Ayaka use his bed which was so comforable. My bed is so hard -__- I thought it was just me but Ayaka also mentioned to me in the morning how stiff our beds are compared to his xD

I had to go to class the next day, and although class wasn't till 3PM I needed to do my hw for it T-T So Yuzo dropped me and Ayaka off at my place where we had breakfast and Ayaka had oatmeal for the first time :D She really liked it since it was the flavored kind ^^ And she helped me with my Japanese hw ^^

Oh! and Yuzo won the best costume at the club which means he got a free iPad 2! :D

Overall, it was an cool experience. I'm so excited for the next JSA events :]

Thursday, October 18, 2012

JSA's Halloween Costume Shopping

So, I just came back from a JSA meeting and it was ridiculously fun lol. I suck at talking to people but tonight, I ended up meeting a lot more people without it being awkward LOL

We ended up going Halloween costume shopping for the Halloween clubbing event going on next Thursday. I already got my costume (trying to stay on the cheap side lol) so I wasn't going to buy anything but I decided to tag along and keep one of my other friends (Erika) company. Ayaka and Rika ended up coming too even though they had a lot of homework to do ><

Of course all the costumes were expensive and all sexified haha. I taught Ayaka and Rika the word "slutty" haha they used it to describe many of the trashy costumes xD

I ended up meeting this guy named Yuzo, he was so freakin hilarious xD he was looking for a Little Mermaid costume so we tried to help him look for it. He apparently dressed like a girl for Halloween last year when he was in Hawaii so he wants to do it this year too xD He was an angel and would even get hit on by guys hahaha.

I tried to help him find wigs to try on. He said he liked red hair so I told him to try the red wig bahaha he looked pretty snazzy in it but the bangs were too long and covered his eyes lol.

Afterwards Rika, Ayaka, Erika and me were browsing the costumes to just try some on for fun. Ayaka and I tried a sailor outfit which was superrrrr short. And so expensive -__- $50 for a costume you are going to only wear for one day? No thank you~

Erika tried on this cute lollipop/candy girl costume but it was also expensive so she decided to look for cheaper places online. Rika tried on a little red riding hood and Dorthy costume. We agreed the price and the outfits were too much in general but it was fun to look at.

Yuzo was actually in the fitting room and was trying on a Snow White dress and he actually looked really good in it!! xD haha he said he will probably come back and get it if he finds a good wig haha I cannot wait to see him if he does.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

KCON 2012

So after KCON I realized I don't look good in hipster glasses lol

KCON was more work than fun, well at least the convention part. It was such a hot day, I turned 50 shades browner lol jk, but I did get much tanner due to waiting in line for merchandise when they ended up selling out anyways -__-" 

KCON definitely wasn't prepared for the amount of people that were attending, they anticipated much smaller numbers which ended up hindering many of the panels and other types of activities.

The kpop artist panels were all over the place, I missed NU'EST due to waiting in the merchandise line to get something B.A.P related so I could get it signed. Unfortunately, I didn't get any B.A.P merchandise but either way many people who bought merchandise weren't able to get it signed because the KCON staff didn't announce when it was happening. Many people were pissed about this, myself included.

I ended up meeting my Japanese T.A. at KCON he was also waiting to see when they would announce the B.A.P panel/autograph signing. They kept sending us back and forth which ended up with the B.A.P panel/autograph signing passing without anyone's knowledge -_____- They were the only ones I really wanted to see, them and NU'EST so I was done with the panels. Tia wanted to see EXO-M though so we tried to figure out where that was.

After much wait we gave up on trying to find the panel/autograph signing and Tia and Drea hoped they would just be able to take photos of them. We did manage to watch some of Eat Your Kimchi's panel and saw Simon and Martina :] 

The day was so hot, and so tiring. Of course food was expensive and we ran out of the food we brought T-T We went to the food trucks to see if we could get something and while we were there we saw Dumbfoundead :D I was so happy since he is so talented and hot haha so me and Tia went to take a picture with him. 

Tia was still bummed about the whole trouble it took to figure out eh EXO-M panel because we found out only the first 100 people with tickets are able to get an autograph. 10,000+ and only 100 people get to meet them? People were pissed of course. And they apparently only passed out the tickets to peopled covered in merchandise of the kpop artists -__- again people were pissed.

Tia managed to see EXO-M and took lots of pictures and screamed her head off for Tao and Kris lol. Drea was also going crazy xD apparently Kris waved over to her direction of group of girls she was at. Yeah, it was hours of waiting but Tia and Drea found it was worth it lol.

I don't know, I pretty much hated KCON lol, it sucked ass. I was hoping the concert was better and luckily it was :]

The first people to perform was AJ Rafael, Dumbfoundead, DAZE47, and the Blue Whale Brothers. I really enjoyed Dumbfoundead's performance and would actually want to watch him again. One word, talented. Daze47 were pretty cool too, I also enjoyed the Blue Whale Brothers performance.

Of course, after the intro acts came the main reason why I went to KCON: B.A.P <3 I was so happy to see them performing in person :D I already forgot which songs they performed since this was back in October and it's now December but for sure they played "No Mercy"

I went crazy on the photo taking when it came to B.A.P lol therefore there are way more photos of them than any other group.

I was so bummed they only performed 3 songs D: even VIXX played more songs! No offense to them, but B.A.P is way more well known then VIXX, I didn't even know who they were until KCON. 

And unfortunately  they didn't play "Dancing in the Rain" :[ I figured since it's such a big concert they would have limites songs to perform and "Dancing in the Rain" probably wasn't high on the list but it's still sad lol. They didn't even play "Power" though :O many people were surprised, instead the last 2 songs they played were more slow songs. Many people were happy but confused about this since they are known for their harder songs.

They still were awesome live though, I was so happy to see Zelo in person<3

After that, G.NA performed as well as VIXX and then NU'EST :] I didn't care much for G.NA or VIXX :/ but it was cool to see them perform. 

I was super happy to see NU'EST perform though :D since they are such a rookie group I knew KCON was the only time I could probably be able to see them live. And I was so happy to see "Face" live :D I used to have that song on repeat. 

And let me say, JR is so cute in person. I know a lot of people like Ren, but JR is my favorite :]

After NU'EST, EXO-M ended up performing. Of course, they were the main reason why KCON attendees came. The cheers and screams were crazy loud. Exotics are known to be crazy fans lol. Tia and Drea are also exotics and they were going crazy! It was actually entertaining xD

When they were singing along it sounded like they were screaming and I don't even know what LOL. I liked EXO-M but I wasn't too crazy about them. Even now, I like EXO-M but I don't consider myself an exotic. I actually like Luhan best after the concert, he is so adorable :3 I used to like Kris and Tao, still awesome eyecandy though haha

After EXO-M, 4MINUTE ended up being the finale. A lot of people were confused on why they were last since most of the people came to see EXO-M. I even saw some people leave after EXO-M. I wanted to hear "Volume Up" and they performed it well. 

But they ended up performing around 6 songs while everyone else performed like3 or 4. I was kinda like wtf..about this since many people did not come to see 4MINUTE to be honest. Many people were there for EXO-M, then B.A.P, and then NU'EST. The girl groups were the last thing on anyone's mind LOL.

But the concert was still so awesome. Even if B.A.P didn't perform a lot of songs all the performances were so good and I really enjoyed it. The concert definitely made up for the crappy day.

The way we summed up KCON: sucks as a convention, awesome as a concert :]

All of the kpop performers

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pacific Asia Museum

I asked my parents to take me to an art museum for my art history class and although they weren't happy about it, they ended up taking me anyways.

It was in Pasadena, and I loved the feel of it but I realized I didn't look around as much as I wanted to. I just wanted to get what I needed for my assignment so I can go back to the apartment and finish my homework.

I went straight into the Korean art portion and saved the Kimino exhibit they had till the end since that would just be for my pleasure.

I took some pictures of what were my favorite pieces in the Korean art section and about which ones I would want to write about. I am mostly stuck between the top two, the frog and the lotus are both very beautiful. 

I really loved the box as well, but the history behind it was not as interesting as the lotus piece.

After I was done with the Korean part of the exhibit I decided to look the Kimino exhibit since there were these two kiminos that caught my eye when I passed it.

I also looked at some Chinese art that was very beautiful. I feel like I should have explored more but I felt very awkward because they had something going on in the courtyard with a bunch of people so it made me feel uncomfortable -.- lol

Anyways, afterwards my parents came to pick me back up and we stopped by Wahoo's Tacos. I hadn't been there since I was like in middle school and it was when my dad was doing work Huntington Beach. 

Apparently it's Mexican/Hawaiian/ Brazilian food? I don't know, but I ordered the Maui bowl which has Teriyaki steak with brown rice and black beans and it was delicious! I have a lot of left overs though because the plate was so huge O__O 

And there was a really nice guy who was serving us, he had a full sleeve tattoo and I was so worried my mom was going to be saying crap to me but she ended up also complimenting on how kind he was. Yay~ my mom is growing up, kinda lol.

Well, off to do my Korean art history homework~

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hanging Out with Ayaka and Jenny

Have I mentioned how much I loath my art history class? I honestly can't wait for this quarter to be over specifically because of that class!

Anyways, yesterday me and Ayaka hung out after my Japanese class. Jenny had class after our Japanese class but after her stats class she ended up meeting us as well :]

Ayaka wanted something from Starbucks since she has never had Starbucks from the U.S., she ended up getting strawberries and creme. It sounded really good but Starbucks is so pricey so I waited to go get something at Cha (which is also kinda pricey but more worth it to me lol).

After I ordered my peach black tea drink we sat outside Cha and talked about what I was learning in my Japanese class and mangas we liked.

She said she really liked Kimi Ni Todoke, and her favorite character is Ryu and he is also my favorite character so we started talking about how much we liked his personality. She says that to her Kimi Ni Todoke is the ideal love, but it is so unrealistic. The sad truth of all awesome love stories.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The First JSA Meeting

Alright, so yesterday was pretty cool because me and Jenny checked out the JSA club as planned. It was a bit intimating since there were a lot of Japanese people lol (obviously) and they were mostly speaking in Japanese only.

There were also Japanese-Americans though so that helped us not feel so intimidated ^^

Anywho, so the club basically told us what they do which is just give a place for Japanese exchange students to hang out with other people who want to learn or speak Japanese. It's basically just a hang out club with occasional language exchange in it as well.

I met a guy named Tetsuya who is from Northern CA like Jenny ^^ I also met Ayaka who is an exchange student from Kobe, Japan. She was so sweet and we had a lot of stuff in common ^^ She actually lives in the same apartments I do :D Oh, and then I got to know one of the JSA officers named Brian or Yu lol he goes by both.

It was cool because he knew some Spanish from taking it in high school so he asked me some questions about some Spanish words and we talked about cholas and cholos xD Because he asked me how to say "that's cool" in Spanish and I told him I only know the gangster way lol, which of course is "que firme" hahaha omg memories lol. I told him I'd find out the normal way to say it which I remembered was "que suave" (and I double checked with my mom lol)

But anyways, I mingled a bit just not as much as I wanted. But I think it was pretty good since it's been forever since I've been in any social situation. /forever socially awkward lol

They actually have a lot of events throughout the year, and the first big event is going to be for Halloween called "Night of the Grudge". It's going to be at a club in LA where a bunch of other UCs' JSA clubs will be going too.

They said it's a lot of fun and I'm planning on going :] Jenny said she was unsure because she might have a midterm the day after but Ayaka is going since she has never been to a club and neither have I, we thought it would be fun to go :]

The next meeting is next Thursday and I'm pretty excited to go :] I'm bummed though because they are having a BBQ next Saturday but that Saturday I am going to KCON :/ oh well~

Now off to do the buttload of homework ( T - T )

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

85 Degrees C Bakery & H-Mart with Jenny

Today was an awesome day :] Though it was my long day of school, I hung out with Jenny after our Japanese class. She asked me if I wanted to go eat I of course said yes.

We ended up stopping by the bookstore though so I could return a stapler I bought. And she told me that freshmen and transfer students get free UCI sweatshirts. I thought to myself, "heck yes!" lol because they are like 30 bucks lol.

Anywho, afterwards we ended up going to 85 Degrees C Bakery which is a famous bakery. I have been told about it a lot by my cousin Michael that says whenever he comes to So-cal he has to get some bread from here (he lives in Nor-cal).

Well, needless to say, the bread was good. I really liked it, but I only ate one piece of bread so far because it was so filling! lol. I'm excited to try the others though :]

Then afterwards, Jenny needed to go grocery shopping so she took me to H-Mart which is a Korean grocery store and she showed me all the food she gets and I got some as well since I was running now on groceries. It was really awesome, so now I am excited to try all the food I got and make it as well :D

When she dropped me off at my apartment I showed her my room and let her borrow my Koizora DVD since she liked the drama 1 Litre of Tears. It's been on my watch list for so long >< but since it's sad and she liked it I thought she might like Koizora :]

Oh, and Jenny also likes body mods :] she just got her cartilage pierced and has an industrial piercing :] She said that she wanted snake bites before but was worried about the scars but when I told her that I had angel bites she was surprised that she saw no scars so she is thinking of getting them done now ^^

Tomorrow is the JSA meeting, which I'm pretty excited for. And tomorrow I am hoping to go to this Korean art exhibit my uni is hosting so I can start my paper for my Korean art class.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The past few days.

School just started last Thursday and I have already been swamped with reading and writing. It's mostly my Korean Literature class and my Korean Art History.

The length of the articles the teachers give us to read are ridiculous -__- but my older sister did warn me that UC's are known for lengthy readings, and even more so because UCI is a research university. I don't see myself having much free time though to be honest.

Anyways, I just finished my homework after working on it 3 days straight. All I have is my Japanese class which seems to be the most relaxing class for me lol.

I met a girl named Jenny who is a girl in my Japanese class. She is also a transfer student except she just transferred from San Jose which is Northern CA.

She actually asked me what my ethnicity was because she thought I was mixed of Filipino and something else which is strange because I have gotten that before lol.

Well, I told her about the JSA club and she seemed to be really interested in it too, so hopefully I'll see her there. I also gave her info about studying abroad since she also wants to go to Japan. So far, we seem to have some things in common :]

And after class we went to this extra credit video conference thing for our Japanese class where we Skype with students in Japan so they can practice their English and we could practice our Japanese. It was pretty fun, but after a while we ran out of things to talk about lol.

Oh, and KCON and Vampire Diaries is next week, I can't wait! <3 Happy October :]