Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome Week & Roommate Bonding Time

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So I went on Day 1 of Welcome Week for my school, and to be honest it wasn't that great lol. Maybe it's because I'm not a people person? I don't know.

However, I managed to find the clubs I wanted to join pretty quickly which made me really happy since the park is so big.

I signed up for LiNK which stands for "Liberty in North Korea". This meant a lot to me after watching a documentary on Netflix called Kimjongilia, which told the stories of North Korean defectors. After watching the documentary I wanted to do something to help more North Korean refugees and this club does that.

I also signed up for the JSA club which is the Japanese Student Association. The description says: "The expansion of the Japanese culture through the interaction between exchange students from Japan and American students." so that's pretty self explanatory why I would join ^^ The first meeting is next Wednesday, I'm kind of nervous >< but when am I not? lol

Well, today I hung out with Juli and Virginia. They were going to go to Target to get some things and asked me if I wanted to come so I said yes.

Lately we have been bonding over our issues with Alejandra which sounds bad but it's been issue after issue with her lately. I honestly didn't think the issues would start this quickly especially since the quarter hasn't even started yet!

It's the same stuff since the first day I moved in, her using my things. First it was my food, and then it was my bar of soap that I use in the shower! Disgusting. I threw that away after I realized she used it. Then it was my dish sponge, and then it was my plastic plates.

I think she thinks because we share a bathroom we can share everything else -.- she is nice, but she is inconsiderate. And yes, I have confronted her nicely about it but she says she has her own stuff so she wouldn't use mine -________-

Juli and Virginia have their own issues with her as well which I won't get into.

Anywho, because of this we have been bonding a bit more and hanging out more. Me and Juli were talking all morning and she even made me curry :D She was telling me how she's surprised I know so much about Asian things and is happy because it makes things easier.

She was talking about how she wanted to have dinner together every now and then but Alejandra would always make a weird face when she made food because it was Asian food. So now, we are planning on having dinner more often together to share our food :D

Oh, and I also found out Juli loves the movie NANA :D even more awesome, and Virginia likes the manga! Just so awesome lol.

Well, Thursday classes begin. I am super nervous for some reason T-T I think it's because of the new setting /sigh we'll see how it goes.

Image from: UC Irvine's Official Facebook
Apparently set the Guinness World Record for
largest Dodgeball game. Go Anteaters :] ZOT!

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