Saturday, September 15, 2012

Out with Tia~

Sept 3rd me and Tia hung out since I moved much closer to where she lived. The plans were to eat and then take purikura. It was a late birthday celebration for her and both of us had been feeling like shit lately.

Her and her mom came to pick me up at the dorms and her mom was so surprised that they were dorms so I decided to show her around and she loved them ^^

And Tia's mom was really nice and told me whenever I needed something like an emergency or something, I can call on them since they live closer than my family. I thought that was so sweet of her, I definitely didn't expect that ;____;

Our soup and appetizers ^-^
The entree didn't even come out yet!

Anywho, we went to the usual place, Diamond Jamboree where we ate Korean food at the BCD Tofu House. Tia wanted to take me here last time but since I never had ramen before that's why we had ramen.

The food was so good, and super filling. I missed Korean food, it had been a while since I ate any.

After the food that's when we took the purikura. We actually took a lot because the first one we took we didn't like LOL. It just wasn't a good day for puikura that day for some reason. But we managed to get some we liked ^-^

Then afterwards, Tia's mom asked me if I wanted to go to Daiso, which is a Japanese version of the 99 cents store but better :D Of course I said yes and we went.

Me and Tia walked around a bit and saw all these cute things they had. Definitely better than the 99 cents store because it was s much cleaner and not so cheap looking.

I was craving some sweets so I decided to buy some snacks, same with Tia.

Then after that, they ended up dropping me off at the dorms where I went back onto my laptop lol.

It was nice to hang out with Tia, we had conflicting schedules so even with me moving closer it was hard to hang out. And now it will be harder since I am starting school soon >< (excluding Kcon)

Speaking of which, I am kinda nervous for that /sigh we'll see~

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