Sunday, September 9, 2012

Karl Strauss & Neighbor Differences

It's been exactly a week since Nissie and Erick came to visit me, but they visited me again. I needed some things so my mom sent them with her lol.

It was also my mom's birthday, she ended up not going to Mexico because the hotels she wanted to be in were booked :/ The birthday gift idea ended up changing so I bought her flowers and sent them home with my sister ^-^

As we stated, we went to a different place to eat and we ended up going to Karl Strauss in Costa Mesa. It was pretty nice, but really loud inside so we decided to eat outside.

The food there looked really fancy lol, and it had beer in almost everything. Liser told me how this was the place that got her to like beer.

I don't know what Nissie or Erick ordered but it looked really good. I just ordered a regular bacon cheeseburger lol, I was craving one.

It was actually really funny because when Nissie and Erick were ordering their drinks Nissie asked me to get her ID from her wallet for her and show it to the guy. I showed it to him and he asked me what I wanted to drink and I told him water.

He looked really confused and then, "oh you showed me her ID?" lol! Afterwards I told Nissie and Erick, that I could just use Nissie's ID if I ever wanted to drink lol. But I don't fancy alcohol unless you can't taste it so not really lol. Besides I'm already turning 21 this November :o WTFF. Still blows my mind lol.

Anyways, it was really nice hanging out with them. I had lots of fun, we spent a long ass time at the restaurant just talking.

When I got back to the dorms though, I went to bed around 11:30ish and all of a sudden I wake up around 1:40am-2am and hear music playing loudly and singing. It was my freakin' feminine/gay neighbor!! I was so pissed, he sings morning and night but this is the first time I've heard him sing so fucking late at night!

I already knocked on the wall earlier in the day to indicate if he could be more quiet. I mean, I was on my laptop on my bed (which is on the other side of my room) watching True Blood right in front of me with the volume almost all the way up and I couldn't hear it because of his singing. I'm not even exaggerating.

He's been singing since the second week I got here, I didn't complain at first. Sometimes I would put my headphones in, but having the earbuds in for a while hurt my ears. And the walls are thin so I understand.  But he just went overboard yesterday. I couldn't stand it.

I hate that people aren't courteous. I usually blow up my music at home when I'm getting ready or taking a shower, but I don't do that hear because of how thin the walls are. Some sleep in late (like Alejandra doesn't get up till 1PM at times) and some people get up early (like me at 7AM or 8AM) it would be so inconsiderate to do that crap.

I don't know. All I know is, I probably won't be able to study with him here. Every time I am at my desk which is right next to the wall we share I hear him singing. I even recorded it and sent it to my little sister to show her I wasn't exaggerating.

She suggested ear plugs which I was also debating. I'm probably just going to keep knocking when he is singing too loud though. I hope he stops when school starts. Who knows /sigh

It took me around 1 to 2 hours to fall back asleep ( T - T ) fuck you insomnia. The main reason I try to go to bed so early ><

I've just been on a ranting roll lately, lol.

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