Monday, September 24, 2012

Back in Irvine & Me and My Awkward Moments.

I came back Irvine yesterday afternoon. I had been home for about a week and a half because my mom missed me, though there were mixed feelings in that -__-

I was happy because this time Daydee came with Nissie and Erick to drop me off :] We ended up eating again, at a new place called Kochee Kabob House. This place is right across from Cha, and we have been wanting to eat there for quite some time but never did because Cha always won over it lol.

It was a bit pricey for me lol, so I just got a salad. It was good, but the dressing was too strong for me D: I'm not a fan of vinegar tasting dressing. My little sister got falafel, it was really good!

Overall the place was good, but we decided we would most likely choose Cha over it from now on (unless I want a falafel).

Afterwards, we ended up going to see where my classes were. I always do this, even at Chaffey and it was more needed at UCI since it's so huge! We found the classes pretty easily but I couldn't find one but that's also because we couldn't find the building on any map. Strange...

Afterwards we arrived at my dorm/apartment and the door was unlocked! Alejandra tends to leave it unlocked a lot of the time and me and my other roommates always tell her to lock it but she always forgets or thinks she does.

Anywho, all the lights are off (which usually means no one is there) and I was checking to see if all the bedrooms were locked because Juli asked me to check hers and Virginia's.

I checked mine as well and thought I might as well check Alejandra's also but when I went to check, Alejandra'was in her room with her bf on top of her. Luckily they were just making out but still! Lol, it was so awkward I just turned away quickly and was apologizing and explaining what I was doing. Only when you have roommates right? lol.

My sisters kind of figured out what happened and started laughing lol, yup my embarrassment amuses them lol. I was laughing too though because it was something you would see on TV but Daydee said it's much more entertaining in real life -.- lol

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