Thursday, September 6, 2012

Attending • KCON 2012

Hosted by: Mnet
Image from: KCON '12

Yesterday Tia ended up calling me around 10pm, she was really frantic and to be honest I didn't get much of what she said besides kpop, B.A.P, and concert lol.

I had to wait till she calmed down to get the details, but when she was calm she had to go pee LOL.

Anyways, so apparently there is this new convention called KCON that is for Korean related things such as kpop, korean dramas, etc. They are holding a concert and B.A.P, 4MINUTE, EXO-M, and VIXX are going to be performing.

I don't really listen to EXO-M or VIXX but I really love B.A.P and I like 4MINUTE. And the tickets are so inexpensive! Only $95 for orchestra! The pit was $120 but they were already sold out. I paid $200+ for CNBLUE and FT ISLAND, even though it was in the pit it was still pricey. So this many kpop artists for the price of $95 is amazing. And they are actually still recruiting more kpop artists.

It is also great that the convention is going to be in Irvine. Even though LA is close it's such a pain in the ass with LA traffic D: so it being in Irvine makes it so much easier!

Apparently there is also going to be autograph signings and panels, although there are no details about it yet it still sounds awesome.

I don't know, it's not till October but I'm pretty excited ^-^ I wish I had more money though </3

And let me just say, 
I'd be one happy camper if B.A.P performs this.

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