Saturday, September 22, 2012

Attending • BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour

So, finally after months of waiting for BIGBANG to release the sale date of the concert tickets, we found out it was today at 10AM.

I was planning to do what I usually do, which is get my laptop and Daydee's as well and we'll stay with the one who gets the better tickets. Jana was also trying get tickets up in Berkley.

The tickets costs $300 for VIP, $200, $160, $120 and so on. These are the priciest tickets I have ever aimed for in my life. But it's because BIGBANG is playing in a much bigger venue, which is amazing for their first time in the U.S.!

Anyways, we went right when it turned 10AM but didn't manage to get any VIP tickets D: Instead me and my sister go the $200 which are still good but I was bummed because I wanted the VIP, we kept trying and trying and I called Jana to see what she got and she got seats in the way back D:

This has never happened to us before, but since it's BIGBANG it wasn't a surprise that everyone was trying to get the VIP. We were going to settle for the $200 ones when my Daydee kept trying (just in case) and she ended up getting 2 VIPS :D

I was ecstatic! I don't even care that it's seat 40 something, the point is that it's VIP :] We get the following:

VIP Early Entry into the venue
Exclusive access to the BIGBANG sound check party
Specially designed gift bag
Specially designed tour shirt
BIGBANG official light stick
BIGBANG sound check laminated VIP PASS

;______; This show is costing an arm and a leg, but fuck it this is the last concert I am paying for, for a long ass time.

I later found out, that the VIP tickets were sold out in minutes and apparently the concert is now sold out in general. There were some single tickets in the back for sale before but now it's officially sold out.

I feel bad for the fans who couldn't get tickets but I'm glad that BIGBANG sold out in such a big venue. That just shows their popularity, and I'm so happy I get to be apart of their first tour in the U.S. :D

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