Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Visit from Nissie & Erick

My older sister came to visit today with her fiance, and I was so happy.

To be honest, I have been tired of being cooped in this new place even though it's only been a couple days. I mean, there is only so much Monster Rancher I can take in a day lol. I also caught up on all my ongoing mangas.

I think maybe it's because I had my sisters to talk to when I was tired of doing nothing, or because they would always burst into my room. Now, I'm pretty much on my own. So I've been feeling bipolar because I'm happy I'm in Irvine but bummed because I have nothing to do.

I've always had my sisters with me.

So, needless to say when my sister and fiance came I was so happy. They also brought me my mini fridge and and stuff I forgot at home.

We also ended up buying more things I needed, my sister paid for my groceries ;___; I was so happy and thankful. And we ended up buying a lot more stuff :]

Cha for Tea: Black Almond Milk Tea

Cha for Tea: Crispy Chicken

After Albertson's, we ended up going to Cha :D Erick has never been there so my sister decided she had to introduce it to him. He loved it.

I got the same thing as always >< I know, I know, I said I'd get other stuff but I always get the same crap my lameass lol.

Luckily, every time Nissie and Erick come we decided we are going to eat at new places each time :D and when my little sister isn't busy she will come too :D

After eating at Cha, we went to Target to get some more dishes and stuff. The moon was so big and pretty tonight, so I decided to snap a pic.

I tend to take multiple pics of the same thing though, and when I was taking this picture a guy in his truck got in the way, I was like -___- and I looked at him and then I see him like this:

It is kinda hard to see him
It was pretty dark where we were.

I laughed and took his picture and then he starting laughing and my sister and her fiance saw what happened so they started laughing as well, which made me laugh even more.

Haha, it was so random, but it was definitely the highlight of my day because of how random it was LOL.

You don't usually meet chill people like that in the OC they are usually snobby rich people -.- lol

Anyways, today was a nice day that I really needed. My older sister always makes me feel better. I want classes to start already, the sooner the better.

Oh, and me and my older sister thought of a present for our mom :D she is going to Mexico for her birthday but we are still going to get her something.

Well time for bed, going to work out longer tomorrow due to all the junk food I ate today D:

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