Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

I came back from the gym around 1PM when I ran into my roommate cooking lunch. We started off with usual small talk when she saw my tattoos on the back on my thighs and exclaimed, "I didn't know you had tattoos!"

I kinda freaked out at first lol, Alejandra (the roommate I share my bathroom with) doesn't like tattoos so I didn't know what to expect. To my surprise, Juli liked them. In fact, she likes tattoos and piercings as well!

I was so happy and relieved, finally another person who likes body mods! She told me how she actually was going to get an industrial piercing last week but the piercer said her cartilage was too small :[ She also ended up telling me the tattoos she wanted and vise versa.

It was nice because Juli mentioned how hard it was for her to like living here when she first moved in her first year because there was little to no people who liked tattoos and piercings.

She also mentioned her being an Asian with bleach hair didn't help since people assumed she was a party girl or "trouble". She assured me it's all about getting to know the right people that suit me and that I will meet people once classes start.

It was nice to hear Juli's story, I thought I was asking for too much when I wanted someone to like body mods or similar music as me because when I told Alejandra she told me I couldn't find someone exactly like me, friend and boyfriend wise.

Juli asked me if I was planning on getting a boyfriend here as well. I told her that I don't see myself getting a bf in Irvine because the amount of people with interests in body mods are low here lol (also meaning many do not like them). She told me how she believed the same thing with her. She told me that there are so little Asians here that are interested in that stuff. She liked guys with interesting styles and told me about this guy she was looking at who had a rat's tail (which I find very attractive as well).

We ending talking about our disasters of ex-boyfriends, our taste in music (she like jrock & kpop too), family, and ranted some more about body mods. Finally, a breath of fresh air!

I don't have high expectations to meet more people like Juli but I'm happy that I know that there are some out there.

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