Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome Week & Roommate Bonding Time

Image from: UC Irvine's Official Facebook

So I went on Day 1 of Welcome Week for my school, and to be honest it wasn't that great lol. Maybe it's because I'm not a people person? I don't know.

However, I managed to find the clubs I wanted to join pretty quickly which made me really happy since the park is so big.

I signed up for LiNK which stands for "Liberty in North Korea". This meant a lot to me after watching a documentary on Netflix called Kimjongilia, which told the stories of North Korean defectors. After watching the documentary I wanted to do something to help more North Korean refugees and this club does that.

I also signed up for the JSA club which is the Japanese Student Association. The description says: "The expansion of the Japanese culture through the interaction between exchange students from Japan and American students." so that's pretty self explanatory why I would join ^^ The first meeting is next Wednesday, I'm kind of nervous >< but when am I not? lol

Well, today I hung out with Juli and Virginia. They were going to go to Target to get some things and asked me if I wanted to come so I said yes.

Lately we have been bonding over our issues with Alejandra which sounds bad but it's been issue after issue with her lately. I honestly didn't think the issues would start this quickly especially since the quarter hasn't even started yet!

It's the same stuff since the first day I moved in, her using my things. First it was my food, and then it was my bar of soap that I use in the shower! Disgusting. I threw that away after I realized she used it. Then it was my dish sponge, and then it was my plastic plates.

I think she thinks because we share a bathroom we can share everything else -.- she is nice, but she is inconsiderate. And yes, I have confronted her nicely about it but she says she has her own stuff so she wouldn't use mine -________-

Juli and Virginia have their own issues with her as well which I won't get into.

Anywho, because of this we have been bonding a bit more and hanging out more. Me and Juli were talking all morning and she even made me curry :D She was telling me how she's surprised I know so much about Asian things and is happy because it makes things easier.

She was talking about how she wanted to have dinner together every now and then but Alejandra would always make a weird face when she made food because it was Asian food. So now, we are planning on having dinner more often together to share our food :D

Oh, and I also found out Juli loves the movie NANA :D even more awesome, and Virginia likes the manga! Just so awesome lol.

Well, Thursday classes begin. I am super nervous for some reason T-T I think it's because of the new setting /sigh we'll see how it goes.

Image from: UC Irvine's Official Facebook
Apparently set the Guinness World Record for
largest Dodgeball game. Go Anteaters :] ZOT!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Back in Irvine & Me and My Awkward Moments.

I came back Irvine yesterday afternoon. I had been home for about a week and a half because my mom missed me, though there were mixed feelings in that -__-

I was happy because this time Daydee came with Nissie and Erick to drop me off :] We ended up eating again, at a new place called Kochee Kabob House. This place is right across from Cha, and we have been wanting to eat there for quite some time but never did because Cha always won over it lol.

It was a bit pricey for me lol, so I just got a salad. It was good, but the dressing was too strong for me D: I'm not a fan of vinegar tasting dressing. My little sister got falafel, it was really good!

Overall the place was good, but we decided we would most likely choose Cha over it from now on (unless I want a falafel).

Afterwards, we ended up going to see where my classes were. I always do this, even at Chaffey and it was more needed at UCI since it's so huge! We found the classes pretty easily but I couldn't find one but that's also because we couldn't find the building on any map. Strange...

Afterwards we arrived at my dorm/apartment and the door was unlocked! Alejandra tends to leave it unlocked a lot of the time and me and my other roommates always tell her to lock it but she always forgets or thinks she does.

Anywho, all the lights are off (which usually means no one is there) and I was checking to see if all the bedrooms were locked because Juli asked me to check hers and Virginia's.

I checked mine as well and thought I might as well check Alejandra's also but when I went to check, Alejandra'was in her room with her bf on top of her. Luckily they were just making out but still! Lol, it was so awkward I just turned away quickly and was apologizing and explaining what I was doing. Only when you have roommates right? lol.

My sisters kind of figured out what happened and started laughing lol, yup my embarrassment amuses them lol. I was laughing too though because it was something you would see on TV but Daydee said it's much more entertaining in real life -.- lol

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Attending • BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour

So, finally after months of waiting for BIGBANG to release the sale date of the concert tickets, we found out it was today at 10AM.

I was planning to do what I usually do, which is get my laptop and Daydee's as well and we'll stay with the one who gets the better tickets. Jana was also trying get tickets up in Berkley.

The tickets costs $300 for VIP, $200, $160, $120 and so on. These are the priciest tickets I have ever aimed for in my life. But it's because BIGBANG is playing in a much bigger venue, which is amazing for their first time in the U.S.!

Anyways, we went right when it turned 10AM but didn't manage to get any VIP tickets D: Instead me and my sister go the $200 which are still good but I was bummed because I wanted the VIP, we kept trying and trying and I called Jana to see what she got and she got seats in the way back D:

This has never happened to us before, but since it's BIGBANG it wasn't a surprise that everyone was trying to get the VIP. We were going to settle for the $200 ones when my Daydee kept trying (just in case) and she ended up getting 2 VIPS :D

I was ecstatic! I don't even care that it's seat 40 something, the point is that it's VIP :] We get the following:

VIP Early Entry into the venue
Exclusive access to the BIGBANG sound check party
Specially designed gift bag
Specially designed tour shirt
BIGBANG official light stick
BIGBANG sound check laminated VIP PASS

;______; This show is costing an arm and a leg, but fuck it this is the last concert I am paying for, for a long ass time.

I later found out, that the VIP tickets were sold out in minutes and apparently the concert is now sold out in general. There were some single tickets in the back for sale before but now it's officially sold out.

I feel bad for the fans who couldn't get tickets but I'm glad that BIGBANG sold out in such a big venue. That just shows their popularity, and I'm so happy I get to be apart of their first tour in the U.S. :D

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Those Childhood Memories.

Lately I have been wanting anything related to my childhood. I have updated my ipod with Spanish songs from the 90s me and my family would listen to in the car when driving to Mexico.

I have also been watching Charmed a lot, and I started it from the beginning when Prue was there and those episodes came out in 1998! I didn't realize how old it was until I saw the "cellphones" they carried around which looked like regular handphones lol. Nostalgia~ Honestly, watching Charmed makes me so happy and sad at the same time it's so weird.

I've also been itching to re-watch Digimon and Cardcaptor Sakura. I was even watching Monster Rancher earlier but got tired of watching it everyday lol.

I even decided to add songs from some of my childhood animes onto my ipod. So I got songs from Tenchi Muyo, DN Angel, X/1999, Outlaw Star, and Fruits Basket.

I watched my favorite episode of Fruits Basket, episode 8 the one depressing story with Hatori. It never fails to make me cry my eyes out and after years of not watching it, it still did.

I'm not sure why I have been wanting to relive through all my childhood memories lately. Maybe it's because I'm growing up and it's now sinking in since I'm completely out of my comfort zone at the uni (which was what I wanted but it's still weird).

I don't know, it's strange that I am getting this Peter Pan complex now that I'm turning 21 -__-  I blame my period LOL

Actually, Daydee told me it's been proven that if you listen to music that reminds you of your childhood it makes you happier.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Out with Tia~

Sept 3rd me and Tia hung out since I moved much closer to where she lived. The plans were to eat and then take purikura. It was a late birthday celebration for her and both of us had been feeling like shit lately.

Her and her mom came to pick me up at the dorms and her mom was so surprised that they were dorms so I decided to show her around and she loved them ^^

And Tia's mom was really nice and told me whenever I needed something like an emergency or something, I can call on them since they live closer than my family. I thought that was so sweet of her, I definitely didn't expect that ;____;

Our soup and appetizers ^-^
The entree didn't even come out yet!

Anywho, we went to the usual place, Diamond Jamboree where we ate Korean food at the BCD Tofu House. Tia wanted to take me here last time but since I never had ramen before that's why we had ramen.

The food was so good, and super filling. I missed Korean food, it had been a while since I ate any.

After the food that's when we took the purikura. We actually took a lot because the first one we took we didn't like LOL. It just wasn't a good day for puikura that day for some reason. But we managed to get some we liked ^-^

Then afterwards, Tia's mom asked me if I wanted to go to Daiso, which is a Japanese version of the 99 cents store but better :D Of course I said yes and we went.

Me and Tia walked around a bit and saw all these cute things they had. Definitely better than the 99 cents store because it was s much cleaner and not so cheap looking.

I was craving some sweets so I decided to buy some snacks, same with Tia.

Then after that, they ended up dropping me off at the dorms where I went back onto my laptop lol.

It was nice to hang out with Tia, we had conflicting schedules so even with me moving closer it was hard to hang out. And now it will be harder since I am starting school soon >< (excluding Kcon)

Speaking of which, I am kinda nervous for that /sigh we'll see~

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Karl Strauss & Neighbor Differences

It's been exactly a week since Nissie and Erick came to visit me, but they visited me again. I needed some things so my mom sent them with her lol.

It was also my mom's birthday, she ended up not going to Mexico because the hotels she wanted to be in were booked :/ The birthday gift idea ended up changing so I bought her flowers and sent them home with my sister ^-^

As we stated, we went to a different place to eat and we ended up going to Karl Strauss in Costa Mesa. It was pretty nice, but really loud inside so we decided to eat outside.

The food there looked really fancy lol, and it had beer in almost everything. Liser told me how this was the place that got her to like beer.

I don't know what Nissie or Erick ordered but it looked really good. I just ordered a regular bacon cheeseburger lol, I was craving one.

It was actually really funny because when Nissie and Erick were ordering their drinks Nissie asked me to get her ID from her wallet for her and show it to the guy. I showed it to him and he asked me what I wanted to drink and I told him water.

He looked really confused and then, "oh you showed me her ID?" lol! Afterwards I told Nissie and Erick, that I could just use Nissie's ID if I ever wanted to drink lol. But I don't fancy alcohol unless you can't taste it so not really lol. Besides I'm already turning 21 this November :o WTFF. Still blows my mind lol.

Anyways, it was really nice hanging out with them. I had lots of fun, we spent a long ass time at the restaurant just talking.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Attending • KCON 2012

Hosted by: Mnet
Image from: KCON '12

Yesterday Tia ended up calling me around 10pm, she was really frantic and to be honest I didn't get much of what she said besides kpop, B.A.P, and concert lol.

I had to wait till she calmed down to get the details, but when she was calm she had to go pee LOL.

Anyways, so apparently there is this new convention called KCON that is for Korean related things such as kpop, korean dramas, etc. They are holding a concert and B.A.P, 4MINUTE, EXO-M, and VIXX are going to be performing.

I don't really listen to EXO-M or VIXX but I really love B.A.P and I like 4MINUTE. And the tickets are so inexpensive! Only $95 for orchestra! The pit was $120 but they were already sold out. I paid $200+ for CNBLUE and FT ISLAND, even though it was in the pit it was still pricey. So this many kpop artists for the price of $95 is amazing. And they are actually still recruiting more kpop artists.

It is also great that the convention is going to be in Irvine. Even though LA is close it's such a pain in the ass with LA traffic D: so it being in Irvine makes it so much easier!

Apparently there is also going to be autograph signings and panels, although there are no details about it yet it still sounds awesome.

I don't know, it's not till October but I'm pretty excited ^-^ I wish I had more money though </3

And let me just say, 
I'd be one happy camper if B.A.P performs this.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

I came back from the gym around 1PM when I ran into my roommate cooking lunch. We started off with usual small talk when she saw my tattoos on the back on my thighs and exclaimed, "I didn't know you had tattoos!"

I kinda freaked out at first lol, Alejandra (the roommate I share my bathroom with) doesn't like tattoos so I didn't know what to expect. To my surprise, Juli liked them. In fact, she likes tattoos and piercings as well!

I was so happy and relieved, finally another person who likes body mods! She told me how she actually was going to get an industrial piercing last week but the piercer said her cartilage was too small :[ She also ended up telling me the tattoos she wanted and vise versa.

It was nice because Juli mentioned how hard it was for her to like living here when she first moved in her first year because there was little to no people who liked tattoos and piercings.

She also mentioned her being an Asian with bleach hair didn't help since people assumed she was a party girl or "trouble". She assured me it's all about getting to know the right people that suit me and that I will meet people once classes start.

It was nice to hear Juli's story, I thought I was asking for too much when I wanted someone to like body mods or similar music as me because when I told Alejandra she told me I couldn't find someone exactly like me, friend and boyfriend wise.

Juli asked me if I was planning on getting a boyfriend here as well. I told her that I don't see myself getting a bf in Irvine because the amount of people with interests in body mods are low here lol (also meaning many do not like them). She told me how she believed the same thing with her. She told me that there are so little Asians here that are interested in that stuff. She liked guys with interesting styles and told me about this guy she was looking at who had a rat's tail (which I find very attractive as well).

We ending talking about our disasters of ex-boyfriends, our taste in music (she like jrock & kpop too), family, and ranted some more about body mods. Finally, a breath of fresh air!

I don't have high expectations to meet more people like Juli but I'm happy that I know that there are some out there.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Visit from Nissie & Erick

My older sister came to visit today with her fiance, and I was so happy.

To be honest, I have been tired of being cooped in this new place even though it's only been a couple days. I mean, there is only so much Monster Rancher I can take in a day lol. I also caught up on all my ongoing mangas.

I think maybe it's because I had my sisters to talk to when I was tired of doing nothing, or because they would always burst into my room. Now, I'm pretty much on my own. So I've been feeling bipolar because I'm happy I'm in Irvine but bummed because I have nothing to do.

I've always had my sisters with me.

So, needless to say when my sister and fiance came I was so happy. They also brought me my mini fridge and and stuff I forgot at home.

We also ended up buying more things I needed, my sister paid for my groceries ;___; I was so happy and thankful. And we ended up buying a lot more stuff :]

Cha for Tea: Black Almond Milk Tea

Cha for Tea: Crispy Chicken

After Albertson's, we ended up going to Cha :D Erick has never been there so my sister decided she had to introduce it to him. He loved it.

I got the same thing as always >< I know, I know, I said I'd get other stuff but I always get the same crap my lameass lol.

Luckily, every time Nissie and Erick come we decided we are going to eat at new places each time :D and when my little sister isn't busy she will come too :D

After eating at Cha, we went to Target to get some more dishes and stuff. The moon was so big and pretty tonight, so I decided to snap a pic.

I tend to take multiple pics of the same thing though, and when I was taking this picture a guy in his truck got in the way, I was like -___- and I looked at him and then I see him like this:

It is kinda hard to see him
It was pretty dark where we were.

I laughed and took his picture and then he starting laughing and my sister and her fiance saw what happened so they started laughing as well, which made me laugh even more.

Haha, it was so random, but it was definitely the highlight of my day because of how random it was LOL.

You don't usually meet chill people like that in the OC they are usually snobby rich people -.- lol

Anyways, today was a nice day that I really needed. My older sister always makes me feel better. I want classes to start already, the sooner the better.

Oh, and me and my older sister thought of a present for our mom :D she is going to Mexico for her birthday but we are still going to get her something.

Well time for bed, going to work out longer tomorrow due to all the junk food I ate today D: