Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stretching Ears & Moving Out

I ended up moving up a size with my ears, so now I am at an 8g (3mm).

Although it is still considerably small I wanted to take a picture anyways since it's my first pair of mini plugs ^^ No more tapers~

I am a bit sad because I had a third piercing before on each ear, but I lost the back piece to one the earrings. And of course, I didn't have any other earrings so I would just switch the piercing with the 2nd hole and 3rd whole but then I got the third whole closed up -__-"

Luckily, that piercing was only $10 LOL. I'll probably take out my 2nd piercings and move them up depending on how big I stretch my ears.

Anyways, again moving up a size was painless but I waited 2 months until I stretched again since that's what Body Art Forms suggested.

Also, tomorrow I will probably be moving into the apartments for a bit. Well, it can be for a bit or it can be the actual move in depending on my parents lol.

I was actually able to move in the beginning of August but held off to save money since there was no reason for me to move out yet.

We'll see how it goes though ^^

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