Thursday, August 9, 2012

No Longer a Tattoo Virgin

Tuesday (8.7.12) was when I got my first tattoo :D I had actually made the appointment a month ago but didn't mention it because I didn't want to jinx it >< I'm paranoid like that lol

Anyways, we ended up going to the shop which was at 5pm, and after waiting a bit Corey came to greet me and my little sister.

It was so crazy to see him in person after seeing him on tv lol. Corey was really nice, and definitely made me feel comfortable. When I told him what I wanted for my tattoo he told me it was going to be a really cute tattoo :D lol. He ended going back and drawing it and after about an hour so he came to bring me back to get it done.

The outline and the shading of the lock and key
Do not post this photo anywhere else without permission
& do not remove the watermark on the photo.

He did the black and grey parts of the tattoos first. Which, when he was about to start he told me it was going to sting a little. I am glad he told me that because it oddly made me feel better.

And yes, it did sting quite a bit. It was not as bad as I thought but to be honest I didn't know what to expect feeling wise. And, now I know why people say it's hard to describe the feeling of getting tattooed. Even now, I am unsure on what to say it felt like.

Corey was really nice, would talk to me occasionally and make jokes. He commented on my skin saying that it was very nice haha he then said that he didn't mean to sound creepy but he comes across different types of skin all the time and some skin is harder to tattoo than others. He says he tends to have a big mouth and it gets him in trouble sometimes xD

So, I am doing this a bit different from how I did my angel bites piercing post because I feel like this would be easier and I have already had some questions from posting my tattoo on my Instagram and Twitter.

Did it hurt?
Yes a tattoo hurts. It is painful, but bearable since people get them all the time.

What does it feel like?
Like I said before, it is difficult to explain but I suppose the most accurate description is probably what it is, which is a needle going into your skin and dragging it across it. But even now, that doesn't sound right.

What was the most/least painful part for you?
The outline hurt for me but not as bad as the color part, the least painful was the black and grey shading. The color shading hurt the most which might have been because it was already sore.

On a scale of 1-10 how bad did it hurt?
To perfectly honest, it did hurt quite a bit. Not all of it was bad, but there were occasional times when it hurt really bad. Like I said, the color shading was the most painful part for me. I am going to be completely honest about the pain because I hate it when people downplay crap. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being painless, 5 being painful but bearable, and 10 being unbearably painful I would give it a 7.

I was seriously thinking of what I would rate this as I was being tatted haha. The number is pretty high, mostly due to the fact that when it did hurt more than other times, it would hurt. If those occasional really painful moments didn't occur it would be a 6.

Is getting a tattoo on the back of your thighs known to be painful?
I have no idea. Some say it's not a painful spot to get it done because of the fat while others say it is extremely painful because it can be seen as it being similar to the inner arm so I don't know. For me it was a bit painful but that was just my experience. Remember everyone is different, and I think I have a low pain tolerance lol.

Did it hurt enough to want to make you cry?
No, it was definitely not that painful lol.

Did your tattoo hurt more than your angel bites piercing?
Yes. I rated my angel bites pain level on a scale of 1-5 on my angel bites post but on a scale of 1-10 it would be a 2.5 so yes, sticking needles through my top lip was much less painful for me lol.

Does it hurt more after the tattoo or during?
Definitely during, lol.

How does it feel afterwards?
It feels like a bad sunburn lol, but it mostly hurt when the bandage was on it. After I removed it (which was in 2-3 hours) it barely hurt. However, the next day it felt sore again.

How much did it cost?
Overall, it was much cheaper than what Jason (Corey's assistant) anticipated because it was a bit smaller than what he thought. So it ended up being only $600 with tip :D I was so happy about that, I am not as broke as I thought ( ; A ; ) haha but still quite broke.

Did you have multiple sessions or just do it in one?
I just did it in one session and it took 2 hours.

Do not post this photo anywhere else without permission
& do not remove the watermark on the photo.

So here is the finished product, and I love it~ I am really happy with Corey's work and I am honored that he tatted me and that my first tattoo was drawn by him.

If you look closely, he added a heart where the teeth of the key is on his own. He is so creative and amazing. And the color was exactly what I wanted. Love him, and his work<3

He also said that he was happy to do my tattoo but he hates it when he sees pretty girls with ugly tattoos. (hohoho I see what you did there Corey)

And although this tattoo looks cute, it is not just for looks. It does have a special meaning to me. The bows are for decoration really but the lock and key are what holds the meaning.

The lock symbolizes the time in my life when I was depressed and closed off to everyone, including my family. Words can't explain how alone and disconnected I felt to everyone and everything. Meanwhile, the key represents change since I have been changing slowly and getting much better with opening myself up more, which I hope continues.

I'm very happy with my first tattoo.
The shirt I got from Corey's shop
Oh, how I love skulls<3

Oh, and to conclude the awesome experience, Jason came out and handed me a shirt for getting tattooed there. I was so happy because I was actually eyeing this shirt when I was waiting for Corey to finish the drawing.

My little sister got a shirt earlier as well before I got tattooed and she was also amazed that Jason had got me the one I wanted.

Jason asked if I was going to get any more tattoos and I told him how I was planning on getting a half sleeve. He told me to come anytime because Corey's always going to be here. I mentioned it to Corey as well and he said he would be glad to do it for me.

Jason then asked my sister if she was getting any (he asked her this last time too) and she said she wasn't. He was like "cool, cool take your time and figure out what you want" in a chill/mellow voice LMAO me and my little sister laughed so much afterwards because he said the same thing last time and my little sister would never get a tattoo. I keep trying convince her to get one for the both us but she's made up her mind, no tattoos lol.

It's funny because I never really understood why my little sister would get worried that I would get addicted to tattoos but now I understand. I already want another tattoo and I would get it if money wasn't an issue.

Oh well, we'll see when I'll get my next one :]

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