Wednesday, August 22, 2012


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Another meaningless post about a drama I'm watching but I don't care, I need these gifs on my blog (not just on my Tumblr) lol.

So, I had been putting off watching Rich Man, Poor Woman since I knew it was more business related drama with love in it. Business stuff tends to bore me so I kept thinking "Oh, I'll watch it later"

But, because I have been wanting to watch a new drama with Oguri Shun and because people have been saying it's a really good drama I decided to watch it sooner rather than later, and I am so happy I did :D

I have actually been watching it before Boys on the Run, and actually before I even got my tattoo lol. But, I am barely blogging on it now because I wanted to wait until there were gifs that I really liked.

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His smile, fuuuuuuuck <3 I have a thing for smiles.

The beginning was a bit slow for me, but I knew it was going to get better. And of course, it did. There were lots of those cute moments and funny ones too. Like an idiot, I fangirl and laugh when I think about those moments randomly.
And of course, in every drama there is that one person you want to strangle, or suffocate with a pillow while they are quietly sleeping~ LOL WUT.
This drama is actually the drama I am looking forward to the most. As much as I like Boys on the Run, this has it beat. 

I love it.
The only downside is that it is still an airing drama. A huge reason why I don't like to watch good dramas when they are airing is because I usually am like this:

GIFs made by I Need a Rich Man

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