Friday, August 31, 2012

A Change of Scenery.

The view from my window, I love it
These are the apartments I live in ^-^
Don't mind the screen ><

I have officially moved into the dorms or apartments...whatever you want to call them. I just call them dorms but they are apartments owned by my school and they are only for UCI students so they are kinda like dorms except not lol.

Anyways, I actually moved in on Tuesday but didn't feel like blogging about it till now.

It has been quite nice, I love Irvine. Also, my roommates are also pretty nice. I live on the second floor with a girl named Alejandra, we share the bathroom. She has been pretty helpful showing me how the shuttle works and telling me lots of stuff I need to know. She even came with me exercise when I went my first time.

Then there are the girls on the floor above us, they are sisters named Virginia and Juli. Since they are sisters they keep to themselves more, but they are still really nice. Juli was going to make a salad when I came back from my workout and asked me if I wanted some. It was so good, and I was so happy that she even thought about making some for me. I was really touched and surprised!

Of course, no roommate is perfect but so far they seem to be livable even with our differences.

My desk ^^
I brought Go Mi Nam with me :D

The moving in took quite some time, my arms were so sore from carrying all the boxes but I also worked out that night so I think that didn't help lol.

I don't have much stuff so it didn't take long to organize everything. I always wanted a desk and was so happy that I finally got one :] My room is actually pretty simple, and I like it like that.

I really enjoy the apartments, there are only a couple things I dislike about living here.

The main thing is that the walls are so thin -.- which is normal for every apartment but I'm not used to it. I'll admit I was spoiled with my parent's home. Our neighbors were pretty far from us and as long as I closed the door I could barely hear my little sister.

Also, NO WIRELESS INTERNET. WTFF. I have to use a ethernet cable (which is whatever) buy my phone is constantly using it's data plan crap rather than the wireless internet I used at home. So damn depressing. They have free internet at the lodge and the gym but I'm in my room 99% of the time D:

The other thing is that Alejandra always confuses my food for hers -.- since we both are Mexican she has Mexican food as well, and even non-Mexican food actually lol. She thought my milk was hers the same day I got it and also mistook my tortillas for hers T-T but at least she gave me some enchiladas for using my tortillas LOL

My parents have yet to bring me my mini fridge but I'm hoping they do this weekend. My mom said they will try to. I didn't think the confusing of other people's stuff would happen so soon but oh well.

The mini gym at my apartments.

Since I moved in though, everything has pretty much been the same. I just tend to work out more since the gym at my apartments is really nice! I love how they have TV's on the machines (even though I don't used it lol).

The amount of people in the gym are usually little to none. I think because most of them go to the ARC which is our school gym. So many people say it's so nice. Kobe Bryant even works out there since he lives in Newport so it must be nice.

Juli said she also rather work out in the ARC so it makes me curious to go in there. But I'm so goddamn lazy to walk over to it since this once is right here lol.

I'll probably go there eventually because I don't want to regret not ever going to it. My older sister also said she loved it when she went to UCI and regretted not using it more.

Okay, that was just me rambling about gyms lol. But yeah, just been working out, watching anime/dramas, reading manga, and listening to music. Same old, same old.

I can tell Alejandra wants to hang out a lot more with me and I feel bad but I like my time to myself, my damn introvert-ness and also we don't have much in common -.- But she also has a boyfriend so she is with him a lot.

My older sister is coming to visit me tomorrow with her fiance :D I am actually very happy, I miss her ;3; and it's only been a couple days haha.

Wow, it's already going to be September. I was talking to Lyy about how time is flying so fast.

It's going to be my mom's birthday and then I will be starting classes soon. Which reminds me, I need to get her something! Probably will get it when I am with my older sister. Ugh money~ my mom likes pricey gifts T-T

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