Friday, August 31, 2012

A Change of Scenery.

The view from my window, I love it
These are the apartments I live in ^-^
Don't mind the screen ><

I have officially moved into the dorms or apartments...whatever you want to call them. I just call them dorms but they are apartments owned by my school and they are only for UCI students so they are kinda like dorms except not lol.

Anyways, I actually moved in on Tuesday but didn't feel like blogging about it till now.

It has been quite nice, I love Irvine. Also, my roommates are also pretty nice. I live on the second floor with a girl named Alejandra, we share the bathroom. She has been pretty helpful showing me how the shuttle works and telling me lots of stuff I need to know. She even came with me exercise when I went my first time.

Then there are the girls on the floor above us, they are sisters named Virginia and Juli. Since they are sisters they keep to themselves more, but they are still really nice. Juli was going to make a salad when I came back from my workout and asked me if I wanted some. It was so good, and I was so happy that she even thought about making some for me. I was really touched and surprised!

Of course, no roommate is perfect but so far they seem to be livable even with our differences.

My desk ^^
I brought Go Mi Nam with me :D

The moving in took quite some time, my arms were so sore from carrying all the boxes but I also worked out that night so I think that didn't help lol.

I don't have much stuff so it didn't take long to organize everything. I always wanted a desk and was so happy that I finally got one :] My room is actually pretty simple, and I like it like that.

I really enjoy the apartments, there are only a couple things I dislike about living here.

The main thing is that the walls are so thin -.- which is normal for every apartment but I'm not used to it. I'll admit I was spoiled with my parent's home. Our neighbors were pretty far from us and as long as I closed the door I could barely hear my little sister.

Also, NO WIRELESS INTERNET. WTFF. I have to use a ethernet cable (which is whatever) buy my phone is constantly using it's data plan crap rather than the wireless internet I used at home. So damn depressing. They have free internet at the lodge and the gym but I'm in my room 99% of the time D:

The other thing is that Alejandra always confuses my food for hers -.- since we both are Mexican she has Mexican food as well, and even non-Mexican food actually lol. She thought my milk was hers the same day I got it and also mistook my tortillas for hers T-T but at least she gave me some enchiladas for using my tortillas LOL

My parents have yet to bring me my mini fridge but I'm hoping they do this weekend. My mom said they will try to. I didn't think the confusing of other people's stuff would happen so soon but oh well.

The mini gym at my apartments.

Since I moved in though, everything has pretty much been the same. I just tend to work out more since the gym at my apartments is really nice! I love how they have TV's on the machines (even though I don't used it lol).

The amount of people in the gym are usually little to none. I think because most of them go to the ARC which is our school gym. So many people say it's so nice. Kobe Bryant even works out there since he lives in Newport so it must be nice.

Juli said she also rather work out in the ARC so it makes me curious to go in there. But I'm so goddamn lazy to walk over to it since this once is right here lol.

I'll probably go there eventually because I don't want to regret not ever going to it. My older sister also said she loved it when she went to UCI and regretted not using it more.

Okay, that was just me rambling about gyms lol. But yeah, just been working out, watching anime/dramas, reading manga, and listening to music. Same old, same old.

I can tell Alejandra wants to hang out a lot more with me and I feel bad but I like my time to myself, my damn introvert-ness and also we don't have much in common -.- But she also has a boyfriend so she is with him a lot.

My older sister is coming to visit me tomorrow with her fiance :D I am actually very happy, I miss her ;3; and it's only been a couple days haha.

Wow, it's already going to be September. I was talking to Lyy about how time is flying so fast.

It's going to be my mom's birthday and then I will be starting classes soon. Which reminds me, I need to get her something! Probably will get it when I am with my older sister. Ugh money~ my mom likes pricey gifts T-T

Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Rant.

I have a love/hate relationship with social networks. I like how I can keep in touch with my friends (especially the ones all over the world), but unfortunately I hate how everyone can find you.

Today, an old friend from high school found my instagram. It was probably due to my little sister's instagram since she was also friends with her.

I have nothing against her we just didn't keep touch and I didn't mind that we didn't. People change, and I have changed a lot from high school. My high school experience was not the best and a big part of it was because of the people around me.

It may be stupid, but I don't want anyone from my high school in my life. I've only kept 2 friends from high school and that's also because I've known them since elementary school and that is Sarah and Jana. Though we have our differences they always knew how I was with all my weird hobbies.

I always hid my hobbies from everyone else and who I really was because I was a typical high school student who cared about what people thought.

Now, I don't care. I don't hide the fact that I like anime, web design, kpop, jpop, jrock, manga and all that jazz but if I didn't feel comfortable with sharing it with the person before because I knew they would judge me then I don't want to share it with them now. They're clearly not that great of a friend.

Everyone has people they don't want in their lives, I just happen to have many lol.

So I made my instagram private now, you can still add me of course. I'm mostly just trying to keep people from my hometown/high school out.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stretching Ears & Moving Out

I ended up moving up a size with my ears, so now I am at an 8g (3mm).

Although it is still considerably small I wanted to take a picture anyways since it's my first pair of mini plugs ^^ No more tapers~

I am a bit sad because I had a third piercing before on each ear, but I lost the back piece to one the earrings. And of course, I didn't have any other earrings so I would just switch the piercing with the 2nd hole and 3rd whole but then I got the third whole closed up -__-"

Luckily, that piercing was only $10 LOL. I'll probably take out my 2nd piercings and move them up depending on how big I stretch my ears.

Anyways, again moving up a size was painless but I waited 2 months until I stretched again since that's what Body Art Forms suggested.

Also, tomorrow I will probably be moving into the apartments for a bit. Well, it can be for a bit or it can be the actual move in depending on my parents lol.

I was actually able to move in the beginning of August but held off to save money since there was no reason for me to move out yet.

We'll see how it goes though ^^

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Image from DramaWiki

Another meaningless post about a drama I'm watching but I don't care, I need these gifs on my blog (not just on my Tumblr) lol.

So, I had been putting off watching Rich Man, Poor Woman since I knew it was more business related drama with love in it. Business stuff tends to bore me so I kept thinking "Oh, I'll watch it later"

But, because I have been wanting to watch a new drama with Oguri Shun and because people have been saying it's a really good drama I decided to watch it sooner rather than later, and I am so happy I did :D

I have actually been watching it before Boys on the Run, and actually before I even got my tattoo lol. But, I am barely blogging on it now because I wanted to wait until there were gifs that I really liked.

GIFS made by I Need a Rich Man
His smile, fuuuuuuuck <3 I have a thing for smiles.

The beginning was a bit slow for me, but I knew it was going to get better. And of course, it did. There were lots of those cute moments and funny ones too. Like an idiot, I fangirl and laugh when I think about those moments randomly.
And of course, in every drama there is that one person you want to strangle, or suffocate with a pillow while they are quietly sleeping~ LOL WUT.
This drama is actually the drama I am looking forward to the most. As much as I like Boys on the Run, this has it beat. 

I love it.
The only downside is that it is still an airing drama. A huge reason why I don't like to watch good dramas when they are airing is because I usually am like this:

GIFs made by I Need a Rich Man

Friday, August 17, 2012


It is going to be September soon, and I am quite happy about that. I have been cooped up at home for a while and I don't feel like going out, I want to be in a classroom again.

I'll probably regret saying that later but I get impatient when it comes to having long breaks. I mean, True Blood, films, manga, and dramas can only hold me off more so long! lol (Though I have been watching quite a few dramas and films lately).

Image from AVeoh

I've actually been watching Boys on the Run, as I mentioned in my last post. It is definitely a good drama. It has been one of those dramas where I can click "next" without having to get distracted while waiting for the video to load.

It's really funny, and definitely something I am glad I decided to watch. It also has a lot of those "*gasp* WTF" moments. Lol, or maybe that's just me.

GIFs made by Shibireru
The second gif is straight up porn lol

Although, I initially only wanted to watch it because of Ueda from KAT-TUN. I mean, look at his gorgeous-ness?? lol. He looks really good with his hair cut (wasn't a fan of him with his long hair). And, his character seems really interesting (even if he is a bit of a douche).

But after the first two episodes I actually genuinely started to like the drama and watch it for the story rather than for Ueda.

The main guy can be cute in a extremely nerdy way lol, which is funny because me and Lyy were talking about how some nerdy guys have their own appeal.

He's a tad rough around the edges and in the beginning you wonder if he is just a nerdy pervert, but later on you find out there is much more to him.

We'll see how it goes from here, currently waiting on the next episode to be uploaded ^-^

Monday, August 13, 2012

Isn't it Good? Norwegian Wood.


I watched Norwegian Wood today, and I loved it.

It has been on my to-watch list for quite some time but never got around to it.

I got the sudden push to watch it after going through my quotes tag on Tumblr and realized a lot of the quotes I had were by Haruki Murakami and more specifically from Norwegian Wood. It also was a plus that one of my favorite actors Kengo Kora was in it (even if it was a small role).

I debated whether I wanted to read the book first...but since the books are always better than the movies I decided to watch the film (also because it was more accesible, go Netflix!)

I also did this with Hebi ni Piasu, and it was a good choice because I loved the book even more.

Anyways, I loved the film. I can't describe the vibe I got from it, but I just really liked it, and I'm planning on buying the book. Only reason why I haven't yet is because I lack the car and money lol. I also plan to buy more of Haruki Murakami's books.

I've been in a film mood lately and was going to watch Solanin, but decided to watch the Boys On the Run drama since I found it (and I have been searching for it for weeks).

We'll see how it goes, since it's still on going but so far I enjoy it quite a bit.

And now, I shall leave you with The Beatles.

I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me<3

Thursday, August 9, 2012

No Longer a Tattoo Virgin

Tuesday (8.7.12) was when I got my first tattoo :D I had actually made the appointment a month ago but didn't mention it because I didn't want to jinx it >< I'm paranoid like that lol

Anyways, we ended up going to the shop which was at 5pm, and after waiting a bit Corey came to greet me and my little sister.

It was so crazy to see him in person after seeing him on tv lol. Corey was really nice, and definitely made me feel comfortable. When I told him what I wanted for my tattoo he told me it was going to be a really cute tattoo :D lol. He ended going back and drawing it and after about an hour so he came to bring me back to get it done.

The outline and the shading of the lock and key
Do not post this photo anywhere else without permission
& do not remove the watermark on the photo.

He did the black and grey parts of the tattoos first. Which, when he was about to start he told me it was going to sting a little. I am glad he told me that because it oddly made me feel better.

And yes, it did sting quite a bit. It was not as bad as I thought but to be honest I didn't know what to expect feeling wise. And, now I know why people say it's hard to describe the feeling of getting tattooed. Even now, I am unsure on what to say it felt like.

Corey was really nice, would talk to me occasionally and make jokes. He commented on my skin saying that it was very nice haha he then said that he didn't mean to sound creepy but he comes across different types of skin all the time and some skin is harder to tattoo than others. He says he tends to have a big mouth and it gets him in trouble sometimes xD

So, I am doing this a bit different from how I did my angel bites piercing post because I feel like this would be easier and I have already had some questions from posting my tattoo on my Instagram and Twitter.

Did it hurt?
Yes a tattoo hurts. It is painful, but bearable since people get them all the time.

What does it feel like?
Like I said before, it is difficult to explain but I suppose the most accurate description is probably what it is, which is a needle going into your skin and dragging it across it. But even now, that doesn't sound right.

What was the most/least painful part for you?
The outline hurt for me but not as bad as the color part, the least painful was the black and grey shading. The color shading hurt the most which might have been because it was already sore.

On a scale of 1-10 how bad did it hurt?
To perfectly honest, it did hurt quite a bit. Not all of it was bad, but there were occasional times when it hurt really bad. Like I said, the color shading was the most painful part for me. I am going to be completely honest about the pain because I hate it when people downplay crap. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being painless, 5 being painful but bearable, and 10 being unbearably painful I would give it a 7.

I was seriously thinking of what I would rate this as I was being tatted haha. The number is pretty high, mostly due to the fact that when it did hurt more than other times, it would hurt. If those occasional really painful moments didn't occur it would be a 6.

Is getting a tattoo on the back of your thighs known to be painful?
I have no idea. Some say it's not a painful spot to get it done because of the fat while others say it is extremely painful because it can be seen as it being similar to the inner arm so I don't know. For me it was a bit painful but that was just my experience. Remember everyone is different, and I think I have a low pain tolerance lol.

Did it hurt enough to want to make you cry?
No, it was definitely not that painful lol.

Did your tattoo hurt more than your angel bites piercing?
Yes. I rated my angel bites pain level on a scale of 1-5 on my angel bites post but on a scale of 1-10 it would be a 2.5 so yes, sticking needles through my top lip was much less painful for me lol.

Does it hurt more after the tattoo or during?
Definitely during, lol.

How does it feel afterwards?
It feels like a bad sunburn lol, but it mostly hurt when the bandage was on it. After I removed it (which was in 2-3 hours) it barely hurt. However, the next day it felt sore again.

How much did it cost?
Overall, it was much cheaper than what Jason (Corey's assistant) anticipated because it was a bit smaller than what he thought. So it ended up being only $600 with tip :D I was so happy about that, I am not as broke as I thought ( ; A ; ) haha but still quite broke.

Did you have multiple sessions or just do it in one?
I just did it in one session and it took 2 hours.

Do not post this photo anywhere else without permission
& do not remove the watermark on the photo.

So here is the finished product, and I love it~ I am really happy with Corey's work and I am honored that he tatted me and that my first tattoo was drawn by him.

If you look closely, he added a heart where the teeth of the key is on his own. He is so creative and amazing. And the color was exactly what I wanted. Love him, and his work<3

He also said that he was happy to do my tattoo but he hates it when he sees pretty girls with ugly tattoos. (hohoho I see what you did there Corey)

And although this tattoo looks cute, it is not just for looks. It does have a special meaning to me. The bows are for decoration really but the lock and key are what holds the meaning.

The lock symbolizes the time in my life when I was depressed and closed off to everyone, including my family. Words can't explain how alone and disconnected I felt to everyone and everything. Meanwhile, the key represents change since I have been changing slowly and getting much better with opening myself up more, which I hope continues.

I'm very happy with my first tattoo.
The shirt I got from Corey's shop
Oh, how I love skulls<3

Oh, and to conclude the awesome experience, Jason came out and handed me a shirt for getting tattooed there. I was so happy because I was actually eyeing this shirt when I was waiting for Corey to finish the drawing.

My little sister got a shirt earlier as well before I got tattooed and she was also amazed that Jason had got me the one I wanted.

Jason asked if I was going to get any more tattoos and I told him how I was planning on getting a half sleeve. He told me to come anytime because Corey's always going to be here. I mentioned it to Corey as well and he said he would be glad to do it for me.

Jason then asked my sister if she was getting any (he asked her this last time too) and she said she wasn't. He was like "cool, cool take your time and figure out what you want" in a chill/mellow voice LMAO me and my little sister laughed so much afterwards because he said the same thing last time and my little sister would never get a tattoo. I keep trying convince her to get one for the both us but she's made up her mind, no tattoos lol.

It's funny because I never really understood why my little sister would get worried that I would get addicted to tattoos but now I understand. I already want another tattoo and I would get it if money wasn't an issue.

Oh well, we'll see when I'll get my next one :]

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obon Festival in Gardena

On Sunday (8.5.12), my friend Jana was going to meet up with some of her friends from this Japanese-American club that she is part of at UC Berkley and invited me to come along. It just so happened that they were going to an Obon festival (also known as Bon festival) I was happy that she thought of me and invited me for this occasion.

I didn't even know Japanese festivals like this went on in So-Cal (Southern CA) and apparently neither did she lol. We discovered that there is a big Japanese community in Gardena (which is still considered LA area) and that they are actually really close. Different Japanese buddhist churches from So-Cal and Nor-Cal (Northern CA) came to this event and go to other Obon festivals.

The Obon actually kinda reminded me of Mexico's Day of the Dead.

Nana, Jana, and Aimee
I loved the way the back looked<3
Nana gave Jana one of her obi's since she didn't have one

So I met, Jana's friends which they were really nice and they wore gorgeous yukatas! I especially loved Nana's (*__*) She was so cute an energetic and would randomly switch in and out on English and Japanese. I also found out her sister is going to UCI as well :]

Anyways, so after we had the introductions we looked around the festival. To be honest, it was quite small but it was very cute.

It had some games, music, entertainment, and lots of cheap food which one of the best parts :D I even tried dango (Okinawa Dango aka sata andagi).

The traditional dance
Many non-Japanese people also joined in &were good at it
Nana and Aimee got a free-meal ticket for dancing

I was quite surprised by the amount of people that dressed up and wore yukatas. It was a pleasant surprise though, so I snapped some pictures of little girls in their yukatas since they looked so cute >//<

There was dancing (obon-odori) going on as well. Nana wanted us to try the dance which I was extremely against because I didn't know any of the dances and I am not very coordinated coordinated at all lol. 

They ended up convincing me though, and after two songs and much embarrassment Jana and I left Nana and Aimee to the dancing since they actually are part of a club at Berkley where they do these dances.

After the dance, we ended up taking some more pictures to conclude the day. 

For more info about the Obon check out this post of a blog I came across where a Japanese-American blogger writes about her experiences at the ones she went to.

The last picture of the day.
Nana & Aimee realized me & Jana were childhood friends
so they decided we needed a picture together lol