Saturday, July 7, 2012

First Time Meeting Tia & Purikura~

Friday was a fun day :] Besides having to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to go to an orientation for UCI the day was nice. The orientation ended earlier than planned and I got more things done that I needed to do :D

I was planning on meeting/hanging out with my friend Tia (who I met on Tumblr) after the orientation because she recently came back from her trip to Japan. We ended up meeting at Cha, where I got the usual black almond milk tea with boba and she got some cool stuff I never seen before lol. This was also when she gave me her gifts she got me from Japan ;A;

They were small and cute gifts and I love them. Also, thanks to my friend Lyy for getting me a gift when she was in Japan too. I posted it on Twitter but didn't thank her on here. I love my friends ;__; <3 And believe it or not, they are both friends I met online and they are my closest friends.

Anyways, I met her mom who was super nice and she took us to Diamond Jamboree where we went to take purikura and eat ramen at Ajisen Ramen :D

The purikura took much longer than I thought, but it was super fun ^-^ and the ramen was delicious ~ that was the first ramen I ever had besides top ramen haha xD Both Tia and her mom told me it is good, but still not as good as Japan's and that I would have to try ramen there when I go there. If only~ lol

They actually said next time they go to Japan they should take me :D She also mentioned the idea to my mom when my mom and dad came to go get me and they seemed open to it ^^ So we'll see~

As I stated in my last entry I am no longer spending money now T-T today was an exception since I was meeting up with Tia since I was already going to be out in Irvine for the transfer orientation.

Now off to my bat cave where I shall not leave until I move out to UCI~

Candy and Hello Kitty chopsticks with my name ^^

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