Thursday, July 5, 2012

Six Feet Under Tattoo Parlor

Today was a very good and informative day, seeing that I was able to get more information about getting my tattoo. I tweeted on my Twitter that I went to the tattoo parlor Six Feet Under earlier in the week to get information about booking an appointment for Corey but they guy told me to come back either Tues/Wednesday/Thurs and to ask for Jason because he handles all of Corey's appointments.

So I went back today and was able to get all the information I needed. So, I brought my references and told Jason how I would want my tattoo and what not, he told me he was going to ask Corey if he was okay with doing the tattoo because sometimes some people bring tattoos that aren't really his style. Luckily, Corey was all for doing my tattoo and approved. So the next step was about price.

He told me that for each piece on the back of my thighs it would be $400-600 so for both of my thighs it would be either $800-1200. I practically cried at the price haha. SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE! But Corey is one of the best black and gray tattoo artists and he is very well known for his amazing art (from LA Ink). Tattoos are for life, and I am not planning on getting a crappy tattoo. You get what you pay for, so I agreed. I just really hope it is $800 though lol T-T

He told me to also be patient with them, and give them a couple weeks if they don't contact me to contact them because Corey doesn't have a fit schedule (so it can even take months) because it's just here and there tattoo appointments. So I hope I will get my tattoo before I leave to the university which is by September (that's when I'll actually start classes).

So, because of the estimation price of the tattoo I will no longer be spending any money. I will be treating myself as if I'm dirt poor because of books for the uni and all that crap. I went shopping today since my closet was filled with fall/winter clothes and it's been so hot lately D: but no longer spending money as of now. Okay well, maybe tomorrow because I will be out in Irvine but that's it lol.

Some of Corey's art in his shop

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