Saturday, July 14, 2012

Problems w/ the Dorm's Lease Agreement

Yay for studs :D
P.S. miss my angel bites T-T

Today, I had to go out to Irvine again because I received my lease agreement for the dorms and I had to turn it in by next Wednesday so I can get the floor plan I want. I decided this would be a good time to wear the clothes I recently bought from the one entry where I bought some summer clothes. 

Jean Top w/ Studded Collar from Forever 21
Black Shorts from Wet Seal
Black Flats from Macy's
Black Fedora from Forever 21

Anyways, so me and my younger sister drove to Irvine and since it's a weekend there was not a lot of LA or OC traffic while driving and toll road helped with that as well.

When we got there we found out that the dorms/apartments typed out the lease agreement wrong! So, they said they would have to send us it again through email and have me fill it out and etc. They apologized but I live 1 hour away so that was a waste of gas to drive there to drop it off just to find out that they made a mistake with the papers. 

Not to mention it's due next Wednesday and they are only giving us a week less than 4 days to turn in the papers. And who knows when they are going to give me the correct ones -__- they said they might make an extension for me but they aren't making any promises -sigh- Of course...I just hope they send me the correct forms ASAP so I won't have to be in a rush. I'm probably going to have to go during the week and deal with the OC and LA traffic T-T

Left: Inside Cha for Tea
Right: Little sister Daydee :D

Well after hearing the crumby news, me and my sister went to Cha for Tea to have lunch. My sister ended up cheering me up telling me it would have been worse if we mailed it because I would have had an even shorter amount of time to turn it in so that made me feel better. Especially since I felt bad using her car and gas T-T

So we ate the crispy chicken snack and she ordered strawberry milk tea while I had the green milk tea with boba. Oh Cha, I swear you are like my therapy~

Aside from that, if everything goes well I should be receiving my keys to the dorms on August 1st ^-^

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