Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just a tad awkward, just a tad.

Okay, so let me just start off by saying I am EXHAUSTED. It has been a ridiculously long day ( ; A ; )  And with that, I shall begin my super long post lol.

Me and my mom woke up this morning to go to Irvine to drop off the lease agreement. After much waiting and calling I was able to get the new one, and even though they gave me an extension till Friday I thought it was best to do it sooner than later because regardless of the day of the week there was going to be LA/OC traffic.

Still very awkward at taking mirror photos lol
BIGBANG poster in the background <3

Since lately I've been wearing all the new summer clothes I bought lately I am liking my outfits so I am posting the outfit I wore today as well. The reason why I wore this dress was due to pure laziness. Honestly, I love wearing rompers and dresses because they are so easy to put on (not easy to pee in a romper though).

On to the OOTD:
Dress: Sidecca
Headband: Pacsun (Little Sister's)
Circle Lenses: New Adult EOS Grey

I really, really, really, really (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho reference) like this dress. Other than the fact that I need to by tan panties because the dress is kinda thin for the flowy part.

Anywho, so me and my mom left around 8AM and arrived at Irvine and we dropped off the lease agreement. So everything went well ^-^ The person was nice enough to also offer a tour of the dorms. My mom was super happy and after she saw the dorms she ended up loving it and thinking it is work the money.

Lately my dad has been trying to convince her to have me commute from home to the uni. I'm like WTF an 1 hour + of driving due to traffic, paying car insurance, paying the toll road ($10 each day), and gasoline??? I told my mom it would pretty much add up to the dorms! My mom was also against it, and agreed.

I swear I don't even know what my dad is thinking -______-

So after that, we did some other things at UCI regarding financial aid/studying abroad and then afterwards I was helping my mom with her work in Santa Ana and of course we went to Cha and had bubble tea again (dear lord, I'm going to be fat D:)

We ended up coming back to Rancho pretty quickly, where I helped my mom some more with her work and then she told me to go with my little sister to the mall and wait for her there.

I seriously didn't want to go because I hate shopping. The only times I like to go shopping is when I am in a mood (which is rare) so this was seriously torture for me, especially since I am broke! Even less incentive to go shopping.

We ended up window shopping and when we went to Forever 21, I ran into my friend Jana and her friend. For some reason, it was really awkward lol. We would talk a bit and then there would be random long pauses.

And we were talking about dramas and which ones we have been watching and when I was telling them that me and my sis just finished watching "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" and that is was really good and I liked it a lot she would talk about how she doesn't like k-dramas so it felt so

And then when my friend asked me what happened to my angel bites I explained the situation with my dad and what he told my mom and they just kinda stared at me so I went on about how I am still going to stretch my ears and get my tattoos though and I noticed when I said stretching my ears they made a face. While trying to get rid of the awkwardness I completely forgot my friend Jana is not a fan of body mods -__- It was like judgmental awkwardness lol...

I don't know, maybe I just suck at small talk. I rarely go out so I wouldn't doubt it lol.

But anyways, after much awkward conversation, we ended up parting ways where my mom told me and my sister to eat because she said she was going to take an hour and half more. Of course, we went to the one place that is inexpensive up the ass and that is of course Gyu-Kaku.

And after a much awkward situation, we ended up finding ourself in another awkward situation. Right when we walked in this black guy in his mid to later 20's with these much older Asian guys (around their late 40's to 50's) were sitting at the bar close the entrance and the guy was like "Excuse me, can you do me a favor?" me and my little sister just kinda stared.

He then went on asking if we could help him finish the pitcher of beer he had...................I just replied, "We are underage..." and then he was like "Oh really?? Ah sorry" and me and my little sister going to turn around and then he said "hey, but if you guys weren't underage would you help me? ;D" I'm dead serious he had that smiley face on his face LOL

There was seriously an awkward silence and obviously both me and my little sister were thinking no and I just told him, "I don't like alcohol, sorry" and he was like "Ah, okay how about you?" referring to my little sister and she told him she didn't like beer. Then of course, he got butthurt saying "Awww, alright, alright I see how it is" and meanwhile the older Asian guys at his table were laughing at him. Again, very awkward lol.

So the lady came to sit us and we left. Ah and the person who was our waitress was the person who was serving us the last two times! Lol she thought me and my sister were best friends or something (no one ever thinks me and my sisters are sisters).

After we were done eating we ended up leaving Gyu-Kaku and continued to wait at the mall.

To sum it up, my mom didn't come till 7:20PM and she started shopping to hearts content to find nothing OTL she just returned something at Macy's LOL.  And me and my sister took pictures making funny/ugly faces to have the time pass by T-T haha. By this point we were seriously exhausted and my flats were cutting into the back of my ankle. LOL, I bet you can't tell by how happy I look hahaha.

Top Right Square: 아~맛있다! (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

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