Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Antsy for Fall Quarter

I am ready for fall quarter to start. I have signed up for my classes and am super excited :] For the first quarter they recommend you signing up for 3 classes to get used to the quarter system and the UC style of classes.

I was able to get my Japanese class, so I am officially going to be learning Japanese in a classroom :D No more self-studying~ I personally had trouble self-studying because I am more motivated when it comes to a classroom setting. I am also going to practice my speaking with Tia as much as possible ^^

I also signed up for a Research Design class which is for my minor in Psychology and a Family and Community Korean Literature class. Though the Korean lit. class wasn't my first choice, it is still something I am looking forward to ^-^

I have also been looking for different campus clubs I wanted to join. Most of them are international related clubs of course. If they continue in the fall I will definitely join them! I am planning on attending Welcome Week to get more information on them anyways.

Ah, just forgot I need to buy my textbooks (T - T) And I am back to being depressed about money lol.

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