Sunday, July 29, 2012

One of those Chill Days.

Today, was something I needed. I hung out with my two friends, Sarah and Jana. We always hang out whenever we get out of school. We are nerds and usually don't like to go out when school is in session,  we wait for in between quarters/semesters lol. Last time we hung out was in December, so it's been a while!

So because we are all broke uni students we decided to just go over to Sarah's house and play video games. We played with the Wii, and I was dying to play Super Smash Bros lmao. We also watched the movie Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz which was actually pretty entertaining haha.

And of course, we also ended up catching up on a lot. It was mostly school related though, haha. I swear our lives revolve around school.

At the end of the day, we ended up reminiscing about old tv shows we used to watch like All That, Sister Sister, Digimon, Power Rangers, X-Men, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Powerpuff know all the old school stuff. Also the old Disney channel original movies like Zenon Girl of the 21st Century, Halloweentown, Susie Q, Smart get the drift. Honestly, I feel like kids these days are missing out on all the good stuff.

So I really enjoyed today, I had fun being in comfy clothes and not wearing any make up while just lounging on the couch with my friends. For me, these type of hang outs are what I like best.

Anyone else remember this song? 
Zoom, zoom, zoom, make my heart go boom, boom~

I was also tagged recently by Sapphire ^-^
I think I have done this twice already but I don't mind because they are fun lol

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses & My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Our favorite bridesmaid dresses
Don't mind my non-existent face lol 

I have been going out much more than I have been wanting to, and I have been exhausted. Luckily, this week I shouldn't be going out at all so hopefully I can just stay cooped up in my room and do nothing.

Well, yesterday we went bridesmaid dress shopping with my older sister (the bride), Stefanie (our soon to be sister-in-law) and my younger sister. We went to one store where I posted the pics of it on my Instagram, but all the dresses looked horrible on us.

Ever seen the movie, 27 Dresses? Get all the ugly bridesmaid dresses from that movie and that was pretty much what we had as our selection LOL. We felt so discouraged and wondered if this was how all bridesmaid dresses were until we came across Alfred Angelo.

There were actually 3 dresses which we liked, but the one that Stefanie liked didn't look good on me and my little sister and the pink one didn't flatter Stefanie (all due to our different body shapes). So we picked the turquoise one because it flattered all of our bodies and it looked cute on everyone :] except our dresses will be in red :]

My sister's hair was super curly
But Miho had a bit more volume since she got a perm lol

When we came back home, my little sister tried out her new "curling wand" that she bought at Ulta the other day.Her hair curled she reminded me of Miho from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho so I told her to put on my dress and pose for me haha.

I know I keep ranting about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho but I loved that drama so much and so did my little sis. We now always do the "hoi hoi" thing and the "ahhhh delicious" (in korean) and the little winking/ finger thing. You'll get it if you watched it :]

I seriously recommend to watch this drama, I was skeptical at first because I thought it was weird with the whole 9 tail fox thing, and No Min Woo as the only attractive guy (in my opinion) but it was a really funny and cute drama and probably one of my favorites behind Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I seriously liked it more than I thought I would.

Oh and let's not forget the OST, I am in love with "Fox Rain" and my little sis has it as her ringtone. I have been singing it all the time and then I get all emotional from the scenes of the drama lol.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just a tad awkward, just a tad.

Okay, so let me just start off by saying I am EXHAUSTED. It has been a ridiculously long day ( ; A ; )  And with that, I shall begin my super long post lol.

Me and my mom woke up this morning to go to Irvine to drop off the lease agreement. After much waiting and calling I was able to get the new one, and even though they gave me an extension till Friday I thought it was best to do it sooner than later because regardless of the day of the week there was going to be LA/OC traffic.

Still very awkward at taking mirror photos lol
BIGBANG poster in the background <3

Since lately I've been wearing all the new summer clothes I bought lately I am liking my outfits so I am posting the outfit I wore today as well. The reason why I wore this dress was due to pure laziness. Honestly, I love wearing rompers and dresses because they are so easy to put on (not easy to pee in a romper though).

On to the OOTD:
Dress: Sidecca
Headband: Pacsun (Little Sister's)
Circle Lenses: New Adult EOS Grey

I really, really, really, really (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho reference) like this dress. Other than the fact that I need to by tan panties because the dress is kinda thin for the flowy part.

Anywho, so me and my mom left around 8AM and arrived at Irvine and we dropped off the lease agreement. So everything went well ^-^ The person was nice enough to also offer a tour of the dorms. My mom was super happy and after she saw the dorms she ended up loving it and thinking it is work the money.

Lately my dad has been trying to convince her to have me commute from home to the uni. I'm like WTF an 1 hour + of driving due to traffic, paying car insurance, paying the toll road ($10 each day), and gasoline??? I told my mom it would pretty much add up to the dorms! My mom was also against it, and agreed.

I swear I don't even know what my dad is thinking -______-

So after that, we did some other things at UCI regarding financial aid/studying abroad and then afterwards I was helping my mom with her work in Santa Ana and of course we went to Cha and had bubble tea again (dear lord, I'm going to be fat D:)

We ended up coming back to Rancho pretty quickly, where I helped my mom some more with her work and then she told me to go with my little sister to the mall and wait for her there.

I seriously didn't want to go because I hate shopping. The only times I like to go shopping is when I am in a mood (which is rare) so this was seriously torture for me, especially since I am broke! Even less incentive to go shopping.

We ended up window shopping and when we went to Forever 21, I ran into my friend Jana and her friend. For some reason, it was really awkward lol. We would talk a bit and then there would be random long pauses.

And we were talking about dramas and which ones we have been watching and when I was telling them that me and my sis just finished watching "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" and that is was really good and I liked it a lot she would talk about how she doesn't like k-dramas so it felt so

And then when my friend asked me what happened to my angel bites I explained the situation with my dad and what he told my mom and they just kinda stared at me so I went on about how I am still going to stretch my ears and get my tattoos though and I noticed when I said stretching my ears they made a face. While trying to get rid of the awkwardness I completely forgot my friend Jana is not a fan of body mods -__- It was like judgmental awkwardness lol...

I don't know, maybe I just suck at small talk. I rarely go out so I wouldn't doubt it lol.

But anyways, after much awkward conversation, we ended up parting ways where my mom told me and my sister to eat because she said she was going to take an hour and half more. Of course, we went to the one place that is inexpensive up the ass and that is of course Gyu-Kaku.

And after a much awkward situation, we ended up finding ourself in another awkward situation. Right when we walked in this black guy in his mid to later 20's with these much older Asian guys (around their late 40's to 50's) were sitting at the bar close the entrance and the guy was like "Excuse me, can you do me a favor?" me and my little sister just kinda stared.

He then went on asking if we could help him finish the pitcher of beer he had...................I just replied, "We are underage..." and then he was like "Oh really?? Ah sorry" and me and my little sister going to turn around and then he said "hey, but if you guys weren't underage would you help me? ;D" I'm dead serious he had that smiley face on his face LOL

There was seriously an awkward silence and obviously both me and my little sister were thinking no and I just told him, "I don't like alcohol, sorry" and he was like "Ah, okay how about you?" referring to my little sister and she told him she didn't like beer. Then of course, he got butthurt saying "Awww, alright, alright I see how it is" and meanwhile the older Asian guys at his table were laughing at him. Again, very awkward lol.

So the lady came to sit us and we left. Ah and the person who was our waitress was the person who was serving us the last two times! Lol she thought me and my sister were best friends or something (no one ever thinks me and my sisters are sisters).

After we were done eating we ended up leaving Gyu-Kaku and continued to wait at the mall.

To sum it up, my mom didn't come till 7:20PM and she started shopping to hearts content to find nothing OTL she just returned something at Macy's LOL.  And me and my sister took pictures making funny/ugly faces to have the time pass by T-T haha. By this point we were seriously exhausted and my flats were cutting into the back of my ankle. LOL, I bet you can't tell by how happy I look hahaha.

Top Right Square: 아~맛있다! (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Problems w/ the Dorm's Lease Agreement

Yay for studs :D
P.S. miss my angel bites T-T

Today, I had to go out to Irvine again because I received my lease agreement for the dorms and I had to turn it in by next Wednesday so I can get the floor plan I want. I decided this would be a good time to wear the clothes I recently bought from the one entry where I bought some summer clothes. 

Jean Top w/ Studded Collar from Forever 21
Black Shorts from Wet Seal
Black Flats from Macy's
Black Fedora from Forever 21

Anyways, so me and my younger sister drove to Irvine and since it's a weekend there was not a lot of LA or OC traffic while driving and toll road helped with that as well.

When we got there we found out that the dorms/apartments typed out the lease agreement wrong! So, they said they would have to send us it again through email and have me fill it out and etc. They apologized but I live 1 hour away so that was a waste of gas to drive there to drop it off just to find out that they made a mistake with the papers. 

Not to mention it's due next Wednesday and they are only giving us a week less than 4 days to turn in the papers. And who knows when they are going to give me the correct ones -__- they said they might make an extension for me but they aren't making any promises -sigh- Of course...I just hope they send me the correct forms ASAP so I won't have to be in a rush. I'm probably going to have to go during the week and deal with the OC and LA traffic T-T

Left: Inside Cha for Tea
Right: Little sister Daydee :D

Well after hearing the crumby news, me and my sister went to Cha for Tea to have lunch. My sister ended up cheering me up telling me it would have been worse if we mailed it because I would have had an even shorter amount of time to turn it in so that made me feel better. Especially since I felt bad using her car and gas T-T

So we ate the crispy chicken snack and she ordered strawberry milk tea while I had the green milk tea with boba. Oh Cha, I swear you are like my therapy~

Aside from that, if everything goes well I should be receiving my keys to the dorms on August 1st ^-^

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Antsy for Fall Quarter

I am ready for fall quarter to start. I have signed up for my classes and am super excited :] For the first quarter they recommend you signing up for 3 classes to get used to the quarter system and the UC style of classes.

I was able to get my Japanese class, so I am officially going to be learning Japanese in a classroom :D No more self-studying~ I personally had trouble self-studying because I am more motivated when it comes to a classroom setting. I am also going to practice my speaking with Tia as much as possible ^^

I also signed up for a Research Design class which is for my minor in Psychology and a Family and Community Korean Literature class. Though the Korean lit. class wasn't my first choice, it is still something I am looking forward to ^-^

I have also been looking for different campus clubs I wanted to join. Most of them are international related clubs of course. If they continue in the fall I will definitely join them! I am planning on attending Welcome Week to get more information on them anyways.

Ah, just forgot I need to buy my textbooks (T - T) And I am back to being depressed about money lol.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

First Time Meeting Tia & Purikura~

Friday was a fun day :] Besides having to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to go to an orientation for UCI the day was nice. The orientation ended earlier than planned and I got more things done that I needed to do :D

I was planning on meeting/hanging out with my friend Tia (who I met on Tumblr) after the orientation because she recently came back from her trip to Japan. We ended up meeting at Cha, where I got the usual black almond milk tea with boba and she got some cool stuff I never seen before lol. This was also when she gave me her gifts she got me from Japan ;A;

They were small and cute gifts and I love them. Also, thanks to my friend Lyy for getting me a gift when she was in Japan too. I posted it on Twitter but didn't thank her on here. I love my friends ;__; <3 And believe it or not, they are both friends I met online and they are my closest friends.

Anyways, I met her mom who was super nice and she took us to Diamond Jamboree where we went to take purikura and eat ramen at Ajisen Ramen :D

The purikura took much longer than I thought, but it was super fun ^-^ and the ramen was delicious ~ that was the first ramen I ever had besides top ramen haha xD Both Tia and her mom told me it is good, but still not as good as Japan's and that I would have to try ramen there when I go there. If only~ lol

They actually said next time they go to Japan they should take me :D She also mentioned the idea to my mom when my mom and dad came to go get me and they seemed open to it ^^ So we'll see~

As I stated in my last entry I am no longer spending money now T-T today was an exception since I was meeting up with Tia since I was already going to be out in Irvine for the transfer orientation.

Now off to my bat cave where I shall not leave until I move out to UCI~

Candy and Hello Kitty chopsticks with my name ^^

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Six Feet Under Tattoo Parlor

Today was a very good and informative day, seeing that I was able to get more information about getting my tattoo. I tweeted on my Twitter that I went to the tattoo parlor Six Feet Under earlier in the week to get information about booking an appointment for Corey but they guy told me to come back either Tues/Wednesday/Thurs and to ask for Jason because he handles all of Corey's appointments.

So I went back today and was able to get all the information I needed. So, I brought my references and told Jason how I would want my tattoo and what not, he told me he was going to ask Corey if he was okay with doing the tattoo because sometimes some people bring tattoos that aren't really his style. Luckily, Corey was all for doing my tattoo and approved. So the next step was about price.

He told me that for each piece on the back of my thighs it would be $400-600 so for both of my thighs it would be either $800-1200. I practically cried at the price haha. SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE! But Corey is one of the best black and gray tattoo artists and he is very well known for his amazing art (from LA Ink). Tattoos are for life, and I am not planning on getting a crappy tattoo. You get what you pay for, so I agreed. I just really hope it is $800 though lol T-T

He told me to also be patient with them, and give them a couple weeks if they don't contact me to contact them because Corey doesn't have a fit schedule (so it can even take months) because it's just here and there tattoo appointments. So I hope I will get my tattoo before I leave to the university which is by September (that's when I'll actually start classes).

So, because of the estimation price of the tattoo I will no longer be spending any money. I will be treating myself as if I'm dirt poor because of books for the uni and all that crap. I went shopping today since my closet was filled with fall/winter clothes and it's been so hot lately D: but no longer spending money as of now. Okay well, maybe tomorrow because I will be out in Irvine but that's it lol.

Some of Corey's art in his shop