Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wedding Dress Shopping

Last week we made an appointment for my older sister to try on wedding dresses. I haven't mentioned this, but she is getting married next year :] Either in May or June, her and her fiance and still talking about the exact date. I think we spent 2 hours at the place O__O The lady helped her try on jewelry and veils, etc so it took much longer than the usual hour type appointments. The two dresses above were her favorites and well as ours but I like the second one more because it is a bit more difference than your typical wedding dress with the top :] We (meaning my sisters and I) all liked the second one, including my dad when we showed him the pictures but my mom liked the first one more -shrugs- we'll see lol. My older sister wanted to go for a more vintage look so we thought the second one was perfect and it looked amazing with the veil!

We already looked at where she is going to have the venue and ceremony. So by doing all this stuff it feels like it's all coming together :D It's so crazy to think she is actually getting married O.O lol. It shows how old we are getting, even my mom is starting to realize it haha. I am so excited for the actual ceremony :D though it's a year from now, I can't wait~

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