Thursday, June 28, 2012

Out in the OC: Laguna Beach & Irvine

For the past two days I have been in the OC (Orange County), mostly stuff for school. Yesterday I went for an appointment/orientation thing I had to do to sign up for classes. It was mostly filled with running around like a chicken with it's head cut off because I was short on time and looking for the buildings I had to go to. I usually like to be hours ahead of time just in case something might happen, while my family thinks I'm insane for being that would have helped in this case lol. I was at UCI from 1:30pm to 5:30pm (T_T)

By this time, LA traffic is at it's heaviest so we had to do something while we waited for traffic to die down. I begged my mom to take to Laguna Beach my heels were killing me and there was no way I could go walking around in a mall (also because I love going to the beach in the evenings lol), and after much convincing she gave in and we went :]

Soaked my sore feet in the cool ocean water

 Laguna Beach is my favorite beach because of how nice it is, and because there are not a lot of people. New Port Beach is usually filled with boats, while Huntington Beach is filled with people which makes it impossible to find parking or a spot on the beach.

For some reason people don't go to Laguna, maybe because of the snobby rich people but hey, the beach is gorgeous and I just ignore them (they don't do much anyways).

Afterwards, me and my mom drove around looking at houses in Laguna. So many beautiful and cute houses! My mom ended up deciding that she wanted to come back and rent a house for 2 days or stay at a hotel and take a little vacation as the whole family there. I agreed since I would be moving out soon to the uni and same with my older sister since she is getting married. We wanted to make a nice memory of the last time we will all be together :]

So that was yesterday, today me and my sister went back to UCI because me and my mom didn't get to do all the things I needed to do because the orientation was longer than expected. I decided to take a picture of my outfit because I really liked it :3

OUTFIT: Bohemian shirt from Forever 21, black boots from Wet Seal, shorts from Hollister, and feather earrings from my little sister's uni lol. Both the shorts and the earrings are actually my little sister's, I need to buy me some shorts and I have my own feather earring but they fell apart lol. So do not get feather earring from Forever 21!! haha

UPDATE ON ANGEL BITES: Ah btw, I finally gave in and took out my angel bites because my mom despised them so much. She said she regretted letting me get them, blah blah blah and since she hates seeing them on my face and says something every time she sees me I just took them off. Also because my dad got angry at her for letting me get them (which I think is the real reason why she wanted them out). I still have little holes from the piercings but they should be closing soon -.- I loved my babies while I had them, and I'm just lucky I even got them to begin with. RIP Angel Bites, you last around 5-6 months T-T

I'm still getting my tattoos though since they won't be on my face I can manage with letting her see those as little as possible or not at all. And I'm still stretching my ears even with my hair up my mom didn't notice. Hohoho I'm such a rebel haha not really.

Anyways, so we arrived at UCI around 10:30ish where we went to the Student Store and got some "UCI alumni" license plates for my older sister. Freakin' $35 for a license plate?? Pshh no thank She is going to pay me back but I think that's way too much.

Anywho, we kinda messed around as you see my little sister pretending to pick her nose with a UCI finger. It says "zot" because our mascot is an anteater and apparently that's the sound it makes haha. Yes, an anteater mascot sounds lame, but there are some cute stuffed animals and I love our mascot Peter :3 haha. We also saw some cute shirts, I thought this Hello Kitty UCI shirt was too cute.

We ended up doing everything we needed to, dropping off my transcripts, visiting the financial aid office, the Study Abroad Center, and the dorms. And of course, as always~ we ended up going to Cha which brings and end to this entry.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fast Five: "I think I'm in love"

GIF found on Tumblr, not sure of  the original source.

So, I'm pretty sure I reblogged the crap outta this scene on my Tumblr, but I honestly couldn't help it. Watching "Fast Five" reminded me about how much I love Sung Kang's character Han. And can we all just agree that this scene is hot?? lol. Not to mention, that Lexus is gorgeous. It is probably right behind my Mazda RX-7 with the Veilside bodykit. Han drives the best cars.

Yeah, this is pretty much a short post about nothing except my love for Fast Five and Sung Kang lol. I'm pretty sure I can watch this movie a couple more times lol. I kept watching "Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift" for the drift scenes with Han.

Anywho, if you haven't watched it I recommend it. Well, if you're into action-like movies or stuff with cars.

Actually, here is a video I posted on my Ameba a while back about this foreigner who interviewed people in Japan about their done up cars at a parking area. I liked it so I thought I'd share ^^

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moving Soon & Stretched Ears a Size Up

Everything is coming much faster than I thought (uni wise). I already received an email about which lease term I would prefer in the dorms and I pick June-June instead of Sept-Sept. But since it's already June I asked when will I be moving in. They responded that move in for June lease would Saturday but later applicants will have a later day. So I might be moving soon O__O

I also decided to do Transfer Orientation just so I can know my way around. My sister has taken me to UCI lots of times but it's another story to actually know what is for what, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Despite being reluctant since I am not good with people and group interaction haha.

In other news, I went up a size today in my ears so now they are the size of the black tapers from my last post related to stretching my ears, which is a size 10g (2.4mm) :] The hole is still considerably small so no reason to take a picture yet.

Again, the pain was a 0 on a scale of 1-5. As long as stretching your ears is the last thing you do in the shower it should be painless (at least that' how it's been for me so far). I thought it might hurt more since I was going up a size but it hurt less this time because it was the last thing I did rather than one of the first.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Layout & Shut Up Flower Boy Band

New layout :3 I was super excited to post this layout because I love the photo of the skeleton couple. I loved it so much that I decided I am going to get something similar to it tattooed on me. I also added/moved some pages and fixed up my about me page. I will eventually add a photo on there but I'm very awkward when it comes to taking pictures and it's hard for me to even like one lol so I'll try another day lol.

In other news, I finished Shut Up Flower Boy Band, I was on beast mode while watching it lol I managed to finish it in 3 days O__O but I couldn't help but clicking "next episode" when each episode ended lol and I don't have a life so that helps too haha. I kept tweeting about it on Twitter lol.

Let me just say that Lee Min Ki's character Byung Hee was PERFECTION. I loved his character, it was so unique and weird, cute and hot...I can rant about his perfection forever lol. Don't even get me started on his face with them cheekbones lol. I fell in love with a fictional character, but what else is new? lol

AND THE OST. Honestly, I love the song he sings "Not In Love" and the one Sung Joon sings "Jaywalking", they are addicting. Two days after I added "Not In Love" it was on my "Top 25 Most Played" playlist on my ipod. I'm pretty sure now Jaywalking is as well.

This is my favorite Korean drama now, the whole drama was great and I just ordered the DVDs on ebay lol.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wedding Dress Shopping

Last week we made an appointment for my older sister to try on wedding dresses. I haven't mentioned this, but she is getting married next year :] Either in May or June, her and her fiance and still talking about the exact date. I think we spent 2 hours at the place O__O The lady helped her try on jewelry and veils, etc so it took much longer than the usual hour type appointments. The two dresses above were her favorites and well as ours but I like the second one more because it is a bit more difference than your typical wedding dress with the top :] We (meaning my sisters and I) all liked the second one, including my dad when we showed him the pictures but my mom liked the first one more -shrugs- we'll see lol. My older sister wanted to go for a more vintage look so we thought the second one was perfect and it looked amazing with the veil!

We already looked at where she is going to have the venue and ceremony. So by doing all this stuff it feels like it's all coming together :D It's so crazy to think she is actually getting married O.O lol. It shows how old we are getting, even my mom is starting to realize it haha. I am so excited for the actual ceremony :D though it's a year from now, I can't wait~