Monday, May 14, 2012

Finals and Stretching My Ears

Around 2 more weeks left of school, give or take. I am so freakin' excited to get out of my junior college, such a hassle. Lately I've been busy studying for finals and finishing up on final presentations and papers so I haven't had time to do anything. My old laptop (the HP one) ended up dying on me while making a video for my presentation. I had to use my little sister laptop to download Sony Vegas Pro and finish the video and then use my older sister's laptop to type the rest of my paper as well as do things for my other classes. Just my luck -___- I managed to get the stuff done though, and that's what counts!

In other news, on my Twitter I have been talking about stretching my ears. I had been debating for a while, but once I got serious about me doing it that's when I voiced it. Needless to say, my sisters freaked out. I think when people think of stretching their ears they think about the people the stretch it a lot. I am not planning on stretching it big at all. Maybe 1/2" (12mm)? If I remember the size correctly lol. The point is, it's not going to be big. I just started the stretching process last night. I would take a picture to show but I started small, and the taper is transparent so there really is nothing to see right now lol. I'll probably actually post a photo when I get to an 8g. It won't be for a while though, because I will be taking it slow since I don't want to mess up my ears.

These are the tapers that I am going to stretch to next, the size is clearly still small so you can only imagine the ones I have in my ears now lol. The ones in the photo are a 10g (2.4mm). For those who wanted to know the pain, it's not bad at all. I didn't even feel it when I put them in. Make sure you do it after you take a shower or as my piercer suggested, in the shower. The go in easier when they are wet. Going to wait at least 2 weeks before I go up a size. Have to do the whole process of soaking in salt water again OTL

I'm pretty sure my mom is not going to be happy at all when she finds out I'm stretching my ears. But I doubt she'll notice lol. She didn't notice when I got my second or third hole pierced in my ears, so I doubt she would notice the stretching especially since I am not going to go big so I'll just tell her it's a earring since I have earrings that remind me of plugs. That is what started this whole stretching notion to begin with. -shrugs- we'll see lol

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