Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Acceptance into My Dream University

Four posts in the last month?? That is horrible, lol. I have been super busy with school, and to be honest I wasn't planning on making a blog entry because I am so packed. I should be working on my Philosophy presentation that is due Thursday...but I wanted to record this moment. I don't really talk much about my school life besides complaining lol, but I am currently at a junior college and recently applied to the university I always wanted to go to, and believe it or not...I got into UC Irvine!!

I was seriously so shocked, because never in my life did I think I would get into a UC. I didn't get the best grades in high school, partially because I already knew I was going to a junior college and the other part because I sucked at math and would fail so horribly lol. I just saw myself settling for going to a junior college and transferring to a Cal-State (not that there is anything wrong with one just that I didn't really care for them). Heck, before I would settle for an AA and not get my BA! WTF was I thinking?? I seriously didn't see myself doing better. It wasn't until I saw the Cal-States and realized that I didn't want to go to any of them. My older sister went to UCI and convinced me to check it out. So, I did and I ended up loving it. I set my heart on going there. I remember when I first told my mom she freaked out because she didn't think I could do it. My older sister was the one person who supported me from the beginning. Of course, once my mom saw how serious I was that is when she began to support me.

It's going to be hard work, but I am going to make sure I do all I can to live up my uni life and that includes good grades! lol :] Now I can study Japanese in an actual classroom! No longer self studying :D and not to mention, I can finally get everything together to study abroad ;A; I hope this happiness doesn't leave anytime soon.

Time to cross this off my bucket-list :DD

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