Thursday, April 5, 2012

Throwback: Meeting Victor Kim @ the LA County Fair

So I wasn't sure if I wanted to post these pictures because they are quite old, and they aren't good quality since at the time I didn't have a camera and I was using my younger sister's. But, I decided to post them because these bring back happy memories :] This was the first time I met Victor Kim. The photos had a watermark of the date which was 9.26.10 (that is why some of them are going to be cropped lol). Victor Kim isn't all that well known, so if you don't know who he is don't feel bad. He is a singer, dancer, and a bit YouTube famous. I didn't know Victor through his dancing when I first saw him on YouTube, which is what he is mostly known for. His dance crew won one of the season's of ABDC: America's Best Dance Crew. I stumbled across his YouTube page when Ryan Higa linked him on one of his videos. Now, if you don't know Ryan you are missing out. He is freakin' hilarious. Well anyways, back on to the subject of Victor...I fell in love with his voice and then found out he was in a dance crew. So, that is how I came to be fan.

So, I'll admit it, I had a bit of a crush on him. He plays the guitar, ukulele, piano, sings, dances, and does art.  Can you say talented?? Haha, and not to mention he went to the university I want to go to which is UCI. At the time he had a girlfriend though so I didn't think much of him besides being his fan. It was awesome to see him and Quest Crew perform. I was lucky that I got to see them because they were performing at the LA County Fair for Asian History month or something? There was also a meet and greet afterwards and it was very nice and intimate. I asked Victor to sign a frame that I was going to put our picture in. (I didn't post the picture of us because I look hideous lol) I also told him how I was trying to get into UCI and he told me good luck and such and smiled. He was so nice. It's so hard to explain, if you met him in person you can feel how genuine and kind he is. They signed anything and multiple things as well.

I had actually met him before the meet and greet where we took a picture on my phone (which that picture is forever lost because I lost my phone T-T) and where he signed my shoe ^-^ haha. Then he signed the frame and photo of Quest they were selling. Needless to say it was one of the happiest times of my life lol xD It was the first time I met Victor :] He told me to post the picture of the frame with out picture on his Facebook because he wanted to see it. So when I got home I hurried and did that shit xD He added me the next day on his personal Facebook :D I was super happy and honored lol. At first I thought it was fake and was going to deny it xD Holy crap good thing I didn't. After I added him he liked the picture. I freaked out obviously~ lol I am so lame. 

I met him two times after that. The second was when he was singing at a school in LA and the third when he was at UCR with Quest Crew again. The third time I met him again he asked why he hadn't been seeing me. But at that time he was doing stuff in other states -__-" lol. Well the point of this is that Victor is a really awesome person and is really cool to his fans. He has been doing all kinds of stuff lately like making his own shoes and his own personalized ukulele. He is also doing other stuff with other well known YouTubers. I am super proud of him :] I haven't been seeing him much lately or at all to be honest lol. But I will always support him and be his fan ^-^ 

Lol, I guess this was a pointless post about me reminiscing and talking about what Victor means to me haha. Oh well~ I always have those occasional random posts of me reminiscing. I need to put these thoughts/memories somewhere before they leave my mind! lol

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