Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Life Revolves Around School and Manga For The Moment

April seems to be a dead month for me when it comes to blogging O_O even when it comes to blogging about nothing like how I usually do it didn't work lol. This month and next month are going to be extremely hectic since finals are coming along and all my presentations and papers are going to be due ;__; Ugh, I hate presentations...I will never like them. But anyways, so that is all I have been doing is working on my school work. BUT, I have been re-reading Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden again since the author Yuu Watase came back from her hiatus after 2 years ( ; A ; ) You guys have no idea how happy this makes me, my friend told me she gave up a long time ago. I had faith and waited patiently and she began writing the story again ;w; I can only hope the same thing happens for NANA TT-TT That is a whole other story though...

I have been tweeting about it like crazy and have been doing manga edits and gifs. I always forget how much I like something until it comes back into my life lol. Mangas make me so goddamn emotional though. If you were in my room while I was reading a manga you would probably be like "WTF..." I am either fangirling, tearing up, or yelling at the characters in the story xD Lol, it's seriously like the crap you see in movies. Re-reading Genbu Kaiden made me realize I want to re-watch the regular Fushigi Yuugi once summer hits. I don't know how many times I have watched that anime but it's one of my favorites. My favorite mangakas are Ai Yazawa and Yuu Watase. I  have more but these are the ones where I would go out and buy all the volumes of multiple series they wrote and they were probably the first few mangas I was exposed to. So they have a special place in my heart<3

Well that's it for now! Until next time~
BTW the gif above is a gif that I made from Genbu Kaiden, it was so hard to decide which manga cap to put on this post so I settled with the gif. Uruki ;____;

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