Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow Flurries on Hike

Yesterday was a lovely day to go hiking. I was going to just take red out for a walk when my older sister's Cocker Spaniels Ariel and Lorelai started whining because they wanted to come along. I felt bad not taking them so I brought them along, but since 3 dogs would be hard to walk my older sister came along with my on my hike. Though the sun was out it was still a bit chilly, but as we walked closer to the mountain it became cloudy. While we were at the bottom of it it started to hail a bit, but as we went up it started to become more like snow. It was so lovely~ I love how we just walk up the street and we encounter some light flurries. It's funny what a couple distance in feet can do. While hiking up the mountain more flurries fell. It was so nice! It's rare that there is any type of snow at our house besides ice so walking in the flurries was quite lovely :] It was just as lovely as the time when I was walking and it started to rain softly on and off. We didn't hike to the top like what we usually do because it would be way too slippery and dangerous. So once we reached the bottom of the second hill that is when we stopped. I took some video of one of the many times we were in the flurries. Also of Ariel and Lorelai eating some snow lol they like to eat ice so it wasn't a surprise they liked snow xD

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