Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Funny How Things Work Out

So, today was an interesting day to say the least. Today I got my Asian History midterm back and I ended up getting a B-, though I should be happy with the news or at least content I am not. Here is why, it turns out everyone in the class ended up getting D's and F's except for one guy who got a B. Mind you, our class has maybe 15-20 people now. Our teacher tried to grade our tests on a curve and turns out it didn't help. He had to alter the points in order for people to get a decent grade...I originally got a D until he changed the point system twice and that is how I got a B-. I keep that minus there because it matters lol. There is nothing in the class to cushion our grade, no homework so that was my grade. I was not happy with it, and that midterm was ridiculous, he gave us one midterm which was on the syllabus and then that same day he told us we were going to have another midterm next class meeting. I think I mentioned this, I don't know. Point is, he was ridiculous so I ended up dropping the class. As I stated before, I do not want to bring down my GPA so I am not going to chance it. So now, I have a less workload. That class was very stressful and it bummed me out because that was the class I was looking forward to most this semester. Well, until I actually took the class :/ It really made me sad it turned out this way, but what can you do -shrugs- not going to dwell. This means now I have to work more than ever to make sure I get A's in my other classes :]

Manga edit of mine from the final chapter

In other news, I finished Bokura Ga Ita. For those of you who do not know that is one of my favorite mangas if not my favorite. It was seriously so perfect ;___; I was waiting for the last chapter to be translated and it finally was a couple days ago. I just read it today and cried. Bleh, I'm such a baby when it comes to this stuff but I can't help it O__O lol. I am dyinggg to see the live action. Seriously, it needs to get out of theaters already and be on DVD so I can buy it lol. Or I just need to go to Japan and watch it mwahaha. Yeah right lol.

Also just pre-ordered EYA's new single "Lily" :D I'm super excited. It is not released till the end of April but still something to look forward to.

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