Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Time Meeting Marlen :D

Yesterday was such an awesome day :D I got to meet one of my friends that I met online on YouTube believe it or not! Lol, I always thought it was weird that we met on YouTube because we weren't vloggers or beauty gurus. We both did video editing and she happened come across my video editing channel and my Inuyasha x Kikyo videos and ended up liking them and all of my other videos^^ We ended up messaging and talking and that's when we found out that we lived close to each other. Marlen calculated it yesterday and we live exactly 38 minutes away lol. So yesterday was the first time we met and we met up at Gyu-Kaku of course xD We totally forgot to take pictures, I even forgot to take pictures of my food but I'm pretty sure you guys have seen enough Gyu-Kaku xD Also, it was because we just kept talking so much! It was endless~ and it nice :] I love having people where you can just to talk to about nothing or everything forever lol. So we stayed there for a good while even after we were done eating lol.

After we were done, when we were getting into my car these guys pulled up in front of us. I didn't really think of anything and then the driver started to wave. I looked at him confused and started my car lol, another guy had waved at me earlier and I kinda freaked out and ignored him. But then this guys put his hands up and made a "What?" gesture. I was still so confused and I looked at Marlen, and she asked me if I knew them and I told her no. He ended up rolling down his window and asking for my number -__-" I said "uh...suree..." lol I was honestly so confused and in shock I didn't know what to think. He ended up getting off his car and getting my number. That is just so weird to me. I was always so awkward when it came to guys hitting on me. I would either ignore them because I wouldn't know how to act or I would just get embarrassed and not know how to act. It's like a lose, lose situation. I was surprised I even responded to this guy. Marlen said she think it's because of my piercings xD lol That made me laugh so much. Probably because I thought by getting my piercing I wouldn't have guys hitting on me because not a lot of them like metal on a girl's face. I don't mind anyways, because most of the time those are guys I'm not even interested so I thought another plus of my piercings is that it can weave out the guys I don't care for lol.

Anyways, we went to go get my piercings down sized but the person said it wasn't time yet. It kinda pissed me off since last time I came back which was a week ago the piercer didn't tell me crap and this time the guy at the counter said no. And this guy at the counter bugged the shit outta me when I was there to get them pierced. The two other guys behind the counter came over when I was talking to him and came really close and were staring at me and my piercings. It made me feel so weird, I felt myself getting a bit red. When a lot of people stare at me that tends to happen. I'm telling you I just am super awkward with people it's not even funny. Even Marlen said she thought it was weird. Bleh, anyways, waste of my gas.

We ended up going to my place and just chilled in my room :] I was showing her kpop :D lol BIGBANG<3 I think Fantastic Baby was a bit too weird to start off with though. We also just kept talking again lol. So besides the whole piercer incident and the weirdness of the guy getting my number it was an awesome day with Marlen :D We are definitely going to hang out again. Probably after school next time since we are both stressed with school T-T I have Spring Break to do as much hw as I can. Off I go!

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  1. Awww I had sooo much fun meeting you too!! :) We seriously can talk for hours and get tired because we did exactly that! Lol. The food was good, your family was nice, your home was gorgeous, and you are an amazing friend that I'm glad to have :D