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So, let me just say that I absolutely loved the live. It was AMAZING, and the most fun I have ever had for quite some time. I arrived in LA around 4:30 where we waited to pick up my friend from LAX. Once we left LAX we went to the Nokia Theatre to see what there was to eat around it. LOTS of places obviously, but we wanted something cheap so we went to Denny's. Afterwards I met up with my friend Lico to give he her Jin Akanishi ticket since the live was the same day. I was also able to sell my ticket to her friend, so I got all my money back :D Anyways, we arrived at the live right on time. With our lovely seats in the pit. Unfortunately, we were last row in the pit!! I got so butthurt because I would have spent $300+ on the tickey to get me the front row seats but that's how fuckin' Ticketmaster works. I hate it. Regardless still awesome seats. CNBLUE performed first and they were AMAZING.

Is it just me or does Yonghwa look like a God here with the lighting? lol

JongHyun :3

Yonghwa was definitely a crowd pleaser. He was super energetic and got all into the music and into the crowd. He would be very flirty also by winking and singing to certain groups of the audience. I admit fangirling quite a lot lol. He is just so charismatic. Jonghyun also had his cool moments where he went all out too :]

I attempted, and failed may I add to take good pictures of Minhyuk. I only managed to take one lovely picture of his gorgeous face and that was a picture of him on the screen T-T But his smile came out lovely. I just have that one on my Facebook since it was just a picture of the screen. More pictures of Yonghwa!

Yonghwa's face here is so beautiful ;~; lol you can actually see it<3

I ended up not taking as a lot of video (a) because we weren't allowed to (b) I would rather take pictures and (c) I wanted to genuinely enjoy the concert which I did :] I did take some pics here and there but there were a couple of songs where I didn't take any pics at all and just had fun with my CNBLUE glowstick and dance and sing along. It was so much fun, I get happy just thinking about it all over again. Oh, and CNBLUE's English was actually really good and they were talking to the audience a bit. I was surprised but in a good way :]

After CNBLUE, was obviously FT Island :] It Hongki came out looking so adorable with his shortness :3 lol He did look tired though :[ He would take several breaks during the live, a lot more than CNBLUE. But it was still fun. They played all their hits and Hongki was so cute! As well as the guitarist on the side I was on. His smile was just ghgjegerhghba straight up lol. 

My favorite picture on Hongki, the only one where he was absolutely still

When FT Island came on for the first couple songs we weren't allowed to take pictures. It was really weird but then afterwards people starting taking out their cameras so I did too. Hongki moved around a lot so it was really hard to take a picture of him that was actually good :[ These were the best I could get. Same with the other band members. Except for the guitarist on the side I was on, he managed to stay still and I took some good pics of him.

I actually really like the photo on the right, I thought it was well taken lol, the one on the left would have been nice if it didn't come out blurry :[

Hongki talking to the audience in Korean
It was so cute because in the beginning Hongki tried his best to use English and after saying the little English he knew he said "There are so many things I want to say, but sorry I do not speak Englishie" lol he was too cute. Then there was another part where Hongki was speaking in Korean but the majority did not understand because we did not know Korean lol and he was trying to find people who spoke Korean and he help the microphone to one girl and she said "I'm Chinese" lol xD Then he was looking in our direction, my friend thought we was going to point out me since I was being so loud and stuff lol but he was pointing to the guy behind us but he also didn't speak Korean xD Then he went to the girl in the front that you see in the picture and he tried to talk to her and she just said "fun song" lol xD Hongki trying to find people who spoke Korean = fail xD Poor baby~ lol

Over all though I had an awesome time!! :D CNBLUE played all the songs I loved and so did FT ISLAND. I was super happy when they played "I Hope" it's my favorite song and since it was on their older albums I wasn't sure they would play it but they did! At that time I put down my camera and just started singing and dancing. Even the security guards that were guarding the aisles were also dancing along a bit to both CNBLUE and FT Island :] The concerts felt super short :/ but it was still an amazing experience and I will always cherish it :] They are just incredible live. I am so proud to be part of CNBLUE and FTISLAND's first live. As a Boice and Primadonna <33

Oh, but I did get attacked by a security guard lol. Kinda not really, but he was pushing me and kicking me because girls were pushing me onto her. control. She was probably using me as a tool to push back everyone else which was not cool lol. When CNBLUE and FT Island came out to say thank you and goodbye that is when that happened lol. So hectic~ I got a bruise or 2 on my legs and I was wearing flats so my feet got stepped on and scratched on. Kpop girls are good thing there wasn't a mosh pit. I was also getting hit on the back of my head by fangirls O_o lol. A price I as willing to pay to get close to them haha. Now for the small video I managed to get of CNBLUE's performance :D Watch it in HD, the quality is way better!

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  1. Wow sounds like you had a blast! Never heard of this group but they sure are hot to look at ;) lol. Glad to read about your lil adventure you had for the weekend to see this concert, must have been a great distraction from school! :D...oh and I love the pictures you were able to get! They all look amazing.