Friday, March 2, 2012

Celebration of Older Sister's New Job :]

Kanpaiiiii :D 

So tonight was an awesome night, we went out to celebrate my older sister's new job with my younger sister and older sister's boyfriend. She just got her first full time job working with children with psychological disorders. So proud of her since it is more in the area of what she wants to do and because this company is actually giving her full time unlike this last company :/ They were an awesome company other than that though. We went to Gyu-Kaku, of course the place we always go to. However, when we walked in this guy saw me and yelled "HOLY CRAP IS THAT JESSICA??" I looked at him like WTF...and his friends all turned around and he was like "I thought that was Jessica" I thought that was the most random shit ever. It's like be more subtle about it because if I was Jessica she would catch on quickly lol. Anyways, happy hour is the best! My older sister sister got the White Peach Saketini (as you can see in the picture above) we were kinda bummed it didn't come in the martini glass though lol. Her boyfriend got the Tokyo Peach, he let me try it and I loved it O_O <3 lol Sorry crappy quality pictures because of crappy lighting :/ On to the food spam :]

Bistro Harami Miso and the white rice I got :] おいしい!

All of our meat, Erick got a lot! Lol

Got dessert mmm bananas and ice cream <3 

It was nice to get out of the house and get dressed up for once. School has been the only thing I have been doing lately. This weekend is filled with hw actually T-T I have three midterms coming up :/ This was the time for me to go out and relax and celebrate! Now time to type papers, study for midterms, and do hw. So depressing lol, buuuuttt on the brightside, FTISLAND/CNBLUE concert coming up next week :D YES I CANNOT WAIT :D Lol and they released the official poster :3 NEXT WEEK :D Eeek I seriously cannot wait. When I get excited I spam CNBLUE and FTISLAND on my Tumblr lol. This Friday :DD YAY!

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