Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Funny How Things Work Out

So, today was an interesting day to say the least. Today I got my Asian History midterm back and I ended up getting a B-, though I should be happy with the news or at least content I am not. Here is why, it turns out everyone in the class ended up getting D's and F's except for one guy who got a B. Mind you, our class has maybe 15-20 people now. Our teacher tried to grade our tests on a curve and turns out it didn't help. He had to alter the points in order for people to get a decent grade...I originally got a D until he changed the point system twice and that is how I got a B-. I keep that minus there because it matters lol. There is nothing in the class to cushion our grade, no homework so that was my grade. I was not happy with it, and that midterm was ridiculous, he gave us one midterm which was on the syllabus and then that same day he told us we were going to have another midterm next class meeting. I think I mentioned this, I don't know. Point is, he was ridiculous so I ended up dropping the class. As I stated before, I do not want to bring down my GPA so I am not going to chance it. So now, I have a less workload. That class was very stressful and it bummed me out because that was the class I was looking forward to most this semester. Well, until I actually took the class :/ It really made me sad it turned out this way, but what can you do -shrugs- not going to dwell. This means now I have to work more than ever to make sure I get A's in my other classes :]

Manga edit of mine from the final chapter

In other news, I finished Bokura Ga Ita. For those of you who do not know that is one of my favorite mangas if not my favorite. It was seriously so perfect ;___; I was waiting for the last chapter to be translated and it finally was a couple days ago. I just read it today and cried. Bleh, I'm such a baby when it comes to this stuff but I can't help it O__O lol. I am dyinggg to see the live action. Seriously, it needs to get out of theaters already and be on DVD so I can buy it lol. Or I just need to go to Japan and watch it mwahaha. Yeah right lol.

Also just pre-ordered EYA's new single "Lily" :D I'm super excited. It is not released till the end of April but still something to look forward to.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Time Meeting Marlen :D

Yesterday was such an awesome day :D I got to meet one of my friends that I met online on YouTube believe it or not! Lol, I always thought it was weird that we met on YouTube because we weren't vloggers or beauty gurus. We both did video editing and she happened come across my video editing channel and my Inuyasha x Kikyo videos and ended up liking them and all of my other videos^^ We ended up messaging and talking and that's when we found out that we lived close to each other. Marlen calculated it yesterday and we live exactly 38 minutes away lol. So yesterday was the first time we met and we met up at Gyu-Kaku of course xD We totally forgot to take pictures, I even forgot to take pictures of my food but I'm pretty sure you guys have seen enough Gyu-Kaku xD Also, it was because we just kept talking so much! It was endless~ and it nice :] I love having people where you can just to talk to about nothing or everything forever lol. So we stayed there for a good while even after we were done eating lol.

After we were done, when we were getting into my car these guys pulled up in front of us. I didn't really think of anything and then the driver started to wave. I looked at him confused and started my car lol, another guy had waved at me earlier and I kinda freaked out and ignored him. But then this guys put his hands up and made a "What?" gesture. I was still so confused and I looked at Marlen, and she asked me if I knew them and I told her no. He ended up rolling down his window and asking for my number -__-" I said "uh...suree..." lol I was honestly so confused and in shock I didn't know what to think. He ended up getting off his car and getting my number. That is just so weird to me. I was always so awkward when it came to guys hitting on me. I would either ignore them because I wouldn't know how to act or I would just get embarrassed and not know how to act. It's like a lose, lose situation. I was surprised I even responded to this guy. Marlen said she think it's because of my piercings xD lol That made me laugh so much. Probably because I thought by getting my piercing I wouldn't have guys hitting on me because not a lot of them like metal on a girl's face. I don't mind anyways, because most of the time those are guys I'm not even interested so I thought another plus of my piercings is that it can weave out the guys I don't care for lol.

Anyways, we went to go get my piercings down sized but the person said it wasn't time yet. It kinda pissed me off since last time I came back which was a week ago the piercer didn't tell me crap and this time the guy at the counter said no. And this guy at the counter bugged the shit outta me when I was there to get them pierced. The two other guys behind the counter came over when I was talking to him and came really close and were staring at me and my piercings. It made me feel so weird, I felt myself getting a bit red. When a lot of people stare at me that tends to happen. I'm telling you I just am super awkward with people it's not even funny. Even Marlen said she thought it was weird. Bleh, anyways, waste of my gas.

We ended up going to my place and just chilled in my room :] I was showing her kpop :D lol BIGBANG<3 I think Fantastic Baby was a bit too weird to start off with though. We also just kept talking again lol. So besides the whole piercer incident and the weirdness of the guy getting my number it was an awesome day with Marlen :D We are definitely going to hang out again. Probably after school next time since we are both stressed with school T-T I have Spring Break to do as much hw as I can. Off I go!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow Flurries on Hike

Yesterday was a lovely day to go hiking. I was going to just take red out for a walk when my older sister's Cocker Spaniels Ariel and Lorelai started whining because they wanted to come along. I felt bad not taking them so I brought them along, but since 3 dogs would be hard to walk my older sister came along with my on my hike. Though the sun was out it was still a bit chilly, but as we walked closer to the mountain it became cloudy. While we were at the bottom of it it started to hail a bit, but as we went up it started to become more like snow. It was so lovely~ I love how we just walk up the street and we encounter some light flurries. It's funny what a couple distance in feet can do. While hiking up the mountain more flurries fell. It was so nice! It's rare that there is any type of snow at our house besides ice so walking in the flurries was quite lovely :] It was just as lovely as the time when I was walking and it started to rain softly on and off. We didn't hike to the top like what we usually do because it would be way too slippery and dangerous. So once we reached the bottom of the second hill that is when we stopped. I took some video of one of the many times we were in the flurries. Also of Ariel and Lorelai eating some snow lol they like to eat ice so it wasn't a surprise they liked snow xD

Thursday, March 15, 2012


So, most of you know what I got yesterday since I mentioned it over Twitter, and it is my BIGBANG Alive album :D Look at it's beautiful, wonderfulness<3 lol. It came with a little picture of one of the members and I got G-Dragon :D lol.

It honestly came at a perfect time too, I was feeling overwhelmed studying for midterms, I had four this week! And so right when I was about to give up reading my textbook (which I had been reading for 6 hours straight, mind you) my dad calls me down to tell me I got a package. I had a feeling it was the album but I wasn't sure since it came much earlier than it estimated. But I got super happy when I got it.

Seriously, I opened it all quick and admired it for a good 20 minutes lol. It also came with a poster which I wanted lol, and it is now hanging over my bed. It was so weird how I quickly got my energy back and started listening to BIGBANG on my ipod and singing and doing math homework lol. Ahh what music can do for you.

But seriously, they take care of their VIPS. The case where the album it held in is in beautiful steel and it came with the photobook I wanted and it even gave me a YG card. I am not sure what it is since it's all Korean but on the back on the booklet that explains the YG card it says "Thank you VIP" it made me so happy. And the album is A+++ I love all the songs. This was honestly well worth the money I spent.

Alas, spring break is coming up and I am going to be busy doing homework, presentations, and papers. Gotta love college.

Oh, and Nani tagged me to I decided to do the tag thing :3 I would tag people back but I feel so awkward doing it, I don't know why lol. So I will just to the stuff that Nani left for me to do lol. Well here it is.

  1. I wear glasses
  2. I get happy when I get a new piercing
  3. I find philosophy interesting
  4. I can eat eggs and bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  5. I don't like overly romantic/sweet guys
  6. It's rare that I crave meat (especially carne asada)
  7. I'm very shy
  8. I always leave my hair down because I'm too lazy to do anything with it
  9. I sleep on my stomach
  10. I plan on getting a shit load of tattoos
  11. Music is my life

  1. What is one part of your daily routine that you absolutely cannot stand doing?
    Taking off my makeup, I do it every night but I HATE doing it. So much work -.-"
  2.  What kind of people do you prefer to hang out with?
    Laid back people where we are just talking and chillin' and we genuinely have fun by just doing that.
  3. What are 3 things that you'd change about the world that we live in, if you could?
    The environmental problems, fix people's wastefulness, and have people be way less judgmental.
  4. Where do you most want to visit before you die?
  5. If you had a burn book (Mean Girls reference ftw!) who would be in it and why?
    Lol, probably a couple girls from my high school who didn't like me because they liked my boyfriend at the time. They were so fuckin' rude to me all the time. I mean, if anything I should have disliked them for wanting to be with my bf but instead they didn't like me because I was with him. 
  6. What's your favorite song atm?
    Hmm probably BIGBANG Fantastic Baby or Blue.
  7. What are some things that you preach but never actually practice yourself?
    Work out! lol I suck at that.
  8. What's one of the most awkward moments in your life?
    I can't think of anything at the moment.
  9. If you won $5.000.000, what would you do with them and why? (no holy "omg I'd totally thank God and donate to charity"-bullshit, this is fo' shiz' yo'!)
    I would use all that I could for college for my masters, give some money to my parents, and I'd use the money to travel and move to Japan.
  10. If you could change ONE thing about your bf/gf/partner/best friend etc. what would it be and why?
    Don't have any of those lol
  11. What's more important? Looks or personality? (be honest ok -__-")
    It's honestly personality for me, my ex was not attractive at all. On a scale of 1 to 10 I gave him a 2 lol. But I dated him because he made me laugh and I really enjoyed his company (ended up being an asshole anyways). Looks can only do so much, it's true that when you love someone they become attractive to you. People who look absolutely gorgeous but have ugly personalities become all around ugly for me!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


So, let me just say that I absolutely loved the live. It was AMAZING, and the most fun I have ever had for quite some time. I arrived in LA around 4:30 where we waited to pick up my friend from LAX. Once we left LAX we went to the Nokia Theatre to see what there was to eat around it. LOTS of places obviously, but we wanted something cheap so we went to Denny's. Afterwards I met up with my friend Lico to give he her Jin Akanishi ticket since the live was the same day. I was also able to sell my ticket to her friend, so I got all my money back :D Anyways, we arrived at the live right on time. With our lovely seats in the pit. Unfortunately, we were last row in the pit!! I got so butthurt because I would have spent $300+ on the tickey to get me the front row seats but that's how fuckin' Ticketmaster works. I hate it. Regardless still awesome seats. CNBLUE performed first and they were AMAZING.

Is it just me or does Yonghwa look like a God here with the lighting? lol

JongHyun :3

Yonghwa was definitely a crowd pleaser. He was super energetic and got all into the music and into the crowd. He would be very flirty also by winking and singing to certain groups of the audience. I admit fangirling quite a lot lol. He is just so charismatic. Jonghyun also had his cool moments where he went all out too :]

I attempted, and failed may I add to take good pictures of Minhyuk. I only managed to take one lovely picture of his gorgeous face and that was a picture of him on the screen T-T But his smile came out lovely. I just have that one on my Facebook since it was just a picture of the screen. More pictures of Yonghwa!

Yonghwa's face here is so beautiful ;~; lol you can actually see it<3

I ended up not taking as a lot of video (a) because we weren't allowed to (b) I would rather take pictures and (c) I wanted to genuinely enjoy the concert which I did :] I did take some pics here and there but there were a couple of songs where I didn't take any pics at all and just had fun with my CNBLUE glowstick and dance and sing along. It was so much fun, I get happy just thinking about it all over again. Oh, and CNBLUE's English was actually really good and they were talking to the audience a bit. I was surprised but in a good way :]

After CNBLUE, was obviously FT Island :] It Hongki came out looking so adorable with his shortness :3 lol He did look tired though :[ He would take several breaks during the live, a lot more than CNBLUE. But it was still fun. They played all their hits and Hongki was so cute! As well as the guitarist on the side I was on. His smile was just ghgjegerhghba straight up lol. 

My favorite picture on Hongki, the only one where he was absolutely still

When FT Island came on for the first couple songs we weren't allowed to take pictures. It was really weird but then afterwards people starting taking out their cameras so I did too. Hongki moved around a lot so it was really hard to take a picture of him that was actually good :[ These were the best I could get. Same with the other band members. Except for the guitarist on the side I was on, he managed to stay still and I took some good pics of him.

I actually really like the photo on the right, I thought it was well taken lol, the one on the left would have been nice if it didn't come out blurry :[

Hongki talking to the audience in Korean
It was so cute because in the beginning Hongki tried his best to use English and after saying the little English he knew he said "There are so many things I want to say, but sorry I do not speak Englishie" lol he was too cute. Then there was another part where Hongki was speaking in Korean but the majority did not understand because we did not know Korean lol and he was trying to find people who spoke Korean and he help the microphone to one girl and she said "I'm Chinese" lol xD Then he was looking in our direction, my friend thought we was going to point out me since I was being so loud and stuff lol but he was pointing to the guy behind us but he also didn't speak Korean xD Then he went to the girl in the front that you see in the picture and he tried to talk to her and she just said "fun song" lol xD Hongki trying to find people who spoke Korean = fail xD Poor baby~ lol

Over all though I had an awesome time!! :D CNBLUE played all the songs I loved and so did FT ISLAND. I was super happy when they played "I Hope" it's my favorite song and since it was on their older albums I wasn't sure they would play it but they did! At that time I put down my camera and just started singing and dancing. Even the security guards that were guarding the aisles were also dancing along a bit to both CNBLUE and FT Island :] The concerts felt super short :/ but it was still an amazing experience and I will always cherish it :] They are just incredible live. I am so proud to be part of CNBLUE and FTISLAND's first live. As a Boice and Primadonna <33

Oh, but I did get attacked by a security guard lol. Kinda not really, but he was pushing me and kicking me because girls were pushing me onto her. control. She was probably using me as a tool to push back everyone else which was not cool lol. When CNBLUE and FT Island came out to say thank you and goodbye that is when that happened lol. So hectic~ I got a bruise or 2 on my legs and I was wearing flats so my feet got stepped on and scratched on. Kpop girls are good thing there wasn't a mosh pit. I was also getting hit on the back of my head by fangirls O_o lol. A price I as willing to pay to get close to them haha. Now for the small video I managed to get of CNBLUE's performance :D Watch it in HD, the quality is way better!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Celebration of Older Sister's New Job :]

Kanpaiiiii :D 

So tonight was an awesome night, we went out to celebrate my older sister's new job with my younger sister and older sister's boyfriend. She just got her first full time job working with children with psychological disorders. So proud of her since it is more in the area of what she wants to do and because this company is actually giving her full time unlike this last company :/ They were an awesome company other than that though. We went to Gyu-Kaku, of course the place we always go to. However, when we walked in this guy saw me and yelled "HOLY CRAP IS THAT JESSICA??" I looked at him like WTF...and his friends all turned around and he was like "I thought that was Jessica" I thought that was the most random shit ever. It's like be more subtle about it because if I was Jessica she would catch on quickly lol. Anyways, happy hour is the best! My older sister sister got the White Peach Saketini (as you can see in the picture above) we were kinda bummed it didn't come in the martini glass though lol. Her boyfriend got the Tokyo Peach, he let me try it and I loved it O_O <3 lol Sorry crappy quality pictures because of crappy lighting :/ On to the food spam :]

Bistro Harami Miso and the white rice I got :] おいしい!

All of our meat, Erick got a lot! Lol

Got dessert mmm bananas and ice cream <3 

It was nice to get out of the house and get dressed up for once. School has been the only thing I have been doing lately. This weekend is filled with hw actually T-T I have three midterms coming up :/ This was the time for me to go out and relax and celebrate! Now time to type papers, study for midterms, and do hw. So depressing lol, buuuuttt on the brightside, FTISLAND/CNBLUE concert coming up next week :D YES I CANNOT WAIT :D Lol and they released the official poster :3 NEXT WEEK :D Eeek I seriously cannot wait. When I get excited I spam CNBLUE and FTISLAND on my Tumblr lol. This Friday :DD YAY!