Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Angel Bites Piercing.

Updated photo [old photo here]

Alright, so here is a picture of my angel bites (double monroes, double beauty marks, etc.) As you can see I am bumming it in my hoodie and stuff and did not feel like getting decent for a picture so I just blocked out my face haha. You can see my eyebrow is fugly O_o Haven't gotten them done in FOREVER D:  and my hair is brown now, the red is fading :[ lol okay enough talking crap. So anyways, I am like 99% of the time not wearing makeup because I am always home, but that is not counting school lol. For some reason I have to get decent when I go out, or at least at school because I know the people. I went to the tattoo place without makeup because I just got out of the shower. Okay, so on to what happened! I broke it down into parts if there was only some stuff you wanted to read and didn't want to read the whole novel lol.

So, I went to this place called Laughing Buddha that is somewhat near my house. The piercers received good reviews so I thought I'd go for it. I could have gone to the Upland mini mall to get them done but we are talking about piercings on my face! There was no way I was not going to a professional, I would not want it to get infected or something for me being cheap! So we went there, and the waiting took a while since a guy was there before us. But when it was my turn I was surprisingly not nervous. I was nervous on the way there but when I was actually there no nervousness at all. I kinds thought it was surreal that I was even getting them. It's still hard to believe that I got them done. The guy who pierced them was super cool, stretched ears, lots of piercings and tats. He was also friendly so that helped the process. After getting my piercings done I am definitely happy. It obviously looks weird because the bars are much longer than they should be due to the fact that I should be swelling and small piercings would make the healing process difficult and uncomfortable. 

Pain wise? Surprisngly didn't hurt. The first one at least, I barely felt anything! I was surprised but super happy :] The second one hurt though, it was a kinda "ow, fuck!" pain lol. Obviously couldn't say that since the needle was in my lip. But it was super awesome, the piercer switched them really quick to the point when I didn't even know when he switched from the needle to the jewelery. My eyes watered a bit but that's expected. I kinda felt dizzy after the second one though and had to lay down a bit. Everything was starting to get black and my hearing got muffled (signs of passing out). I wasn't surprised since it's two piercings on the face. I had a protein shake but I probably should have had a meal :/ Protein shakes usually are more filling than meals to me but since the guy before us took longer than expected the shake went down quickly. I think he was getting sick or dizzy too because the girl he was with came and got water twice. I wasn't sure what he got pierced but yeah. I felt much better after they gave me a candy  and laid down :] I talked to the piecer a bit about tattoos while I waited for me to finish eating the candy just in case. 

So overall it was awesome. Pain scale for me with hurting, was probably a 1 out of 5 with the first one, 2 out of 5 with the second. So I guess 1.5 out of 5 altogether if I were to rate it. It is sore now though, it hurts to laugh or smile really big which is expected lol. No swelling as of yet, one of them was a bit but now they are just chillen' there with no swelling lol. Who knows about tomorrow though lol. I actually felt kinda bad because my mom was super sad that I got them :/ Even though we made the deal and she didn't mind, she really got sad because she sees it as it ruining my face. I don't want to make her sad, I love her a lot but this was something I really wanted. I haven't seen my dad but he is probably going to talk shit and say how ugly I look. Need to prepare myself for that -__- Also, nobody knows I got the angel bite besides my family and you guys who read my blog :3 lol but that means a lot of people are going to be shocked/surprised when they see me.

It cost $105 to get it pierced. I know, A LOT. But like I said, I was willing to drop the money for something on my face. That was with the piercing, jewelry, and the aftercare so it may still be a lot but they went out of their way to show everything was sterilized and to make sure I was comfortable. So I think it was worth it.

Well that's all :D If you guys have any questions just ask me below, did this in depth for those who want to know more about facial piercings/lip piercings/angel bites. Will probably post another picture when I am actually looking decent, though I am not a photo person to begin with so who knows when that will be lol and when the bars are smaller, though I don't think you guys can tell in the picture. It is very noticeable in person though O_o lol, perks of body modification. I wonder what people will think of me at church tomorrow LOL

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