Friday, February 10, 2012

CNBLUE and FTISLAND Light Sticks

Eeeeek :D Super excited, because I received my CNBLUE and FTISLAND light sticks in the mail that I got from Kpoptown :D I am super excited lol. The CNBLUE is crazy bright as you can see in the picture, I just love both of them. 

I also received the tickets in the mail yesterday so it's like everything is coming together. Definitely making me more excited! March 9th, it's so close yet so far lol. The FTISLAND one came in a little FTISLAND package, while the CNBLUE was just in a little plastic wrap, but they were still in great condition and everything. I got these for a little over $10 each.T

he JYJ ones were way more expensive so I passed on those. The shipping was expensive :/ But I wanted to make sure I got if before the concert and I wanted to track it. Which was good I did! I find out it was stuck in customs for week!! Stupid customs. 

Anywho, really excited as I keep stating lol. Still no luck in selling my Jin Akanishi ticket but I just accepted the fact that I won't sell it :[ This one girl was interested but I took a week to reply back because Facebook didn't let me know I had a new message. It wasn't till I clicked to clean out some old message that I saw it :/ Just my luck. Oh well, I joke that I am going to attempt to go to both of the concerts LOL I wish.

Oh, did I mention I got the tickets where my seat is going to be in pit? Fuck yes :D Super close to my babies<3 haha. So excited, CANNOT WAIT!

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