Friday, January 20, 2012

What I've Been Doing Lately

Lately I have been consumed with watching Gungrave. It seriously is a beautiful anime. Well, beautiful as in sad lol. I really love sad stories because they seem to touch me more than happy ones, if that makes sense?

But anyways, my friend Jana recommended me this anime since they are by the same creators of Trigun and I love Trigun. I actually ended up liking Gungrave more than Trigun! But Trigun will always have a place in heart since it was an anime I watched in my childhood.

Gungrave is actually based on a video game, would so want it if I had the console. But I already finished Gungrave. I cried a bunch throughout the show, and like I said before the ending was beautiful. I actually finished it pretty quick even though I had school this week lol.

School isn't too bad. I have to start my readings/homework tomorrow but am not really dreading it actually. I am still excited for when the semester is over, not going to lie lol. Partially because summer means closer to my body modifications :3 On another note, Jin Akanishi is having his second U.S. tour. It's called Japonicana, since I couldn't go to the Yellow Gold tour I would want to go this one. But we'll see how I am with money. He also released a preview of the his new single and I love it. I actually like it more than "Test Drive." Well let's see how it goes, would be awesome to go but not going to get crazy if I can't go.

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