Thursday, January 26, 2012

That Awkward Moment When You See All the People You Don't Want to See has been probably not one of the best days I have had. I saw 3 people that I didn't think I would see again but clearly that is not the case.

The first person I saw today is my ex boyfriends wife. So fucking awkward since she hates me so much. Before you start wondering if my ex bf was older or something let me tell you he is not. He got his gf knocked up at the age of 17 and married her at the age of 18. So yeah we just looked and each other and kept walking but it was still very awkward.

The next person was my old best friend. After some VERY complicated issues I decided not to talk to him because I could longer trust him. I saw him already the other week but this time I saw him twice and we looked at each other and kept walking. This felt weird since he used to be my best friend, but it shows how much things change. Bummed me out but honestly it is for the best, there would be many problems in my life of I decided to keep in contact with him.

And finally, the last person I saw was this guy I was talking to. I was not interested in him but since he just wanted to talk and be friends I thought it couldn't hurt. He ended up liking me a lot and when I told him I was not interested, he ended up getting extremely butthurt and emotional so I stopped talking to him after that.

This was he first time I had seen him since that time. We talked a bit but very very awkward. Especially since I recently deleted a bunch of people on my Facebook and he was one of them. Needless to say, I am just tired of this school. I am happy his is my last semester here. Unfortunately I don't think this semester is going to go as fast as I'd like it. And I will probably see these people again along with many others. Let's hope not though. *fingers crossed*

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