Monday, January 2, 2012

Needed This Good Day :]

Though my New Years wasn't that great, today surely made up for it. Today was a great day for me. I was able to get away from all my troubles. I went to Irvine to go shopping since the other day I found squat here in the Inland Empire. I only find stuff in Irvine for some reason. I don't mind though, I love Irvine. The malls are beautiful. 

Me and my older sister went to the Irvine Spectrum :] Probably my favorite place, and I bought a lot of stuff. A lot of the stuff was things I was meaning to buy so it was great. Maybe I'll post them some other time. We also ended up eating there at a pizza place and the guys gave us a free soda. That was so nice of them! I wasn't planning on getting soda (I had water) but water and pizza is kinda ehh. So yeah, that was the start of the good day and then after that, buy after buy lol. And it was pretty inexpensive, I was getting good deals :]

The ice skating rink was still up at the spectrum :]

I love their carousel :D
I love Irvine Spectrum because it has all this cool stuff to do besides shopping :D And they have everything you can ever want in a mall (stores wise). I always take pictures of these when I go there<3 I have never gone to the ice skating rink though because it's a bit too intimate for my first time to be ice skating. At least that's how I feel lol.

After shopping, me and my sister went to Cha for Tea. My god, I missed that place. It has been forever since I've been there. It's my favorite restaurant. Ended up getting the crispy chicken as always with black almond milk tea with boba. Had leftovers as well :D 

Then, on our way home, we saw the fireworks from Disneyland on the freeway! They were so beautiful, I was surprised but how well we could see them. That pretty much made my night to be honest. 

I was really happy to have a good day like this, totally brightened me up. I needed it. I am also happy because the style I want is slowly coming together. I have never been a fashion person, and I still am not really. But I was so awkward when it came to coordinating clothes (still am) but I am happy that I am finally slowly getting better. I am starting to feel comfortable with my style :] For the first time in my life, lol. 

Seriously last semester was the first time when I actually was wearing a style I was comfortable with so I am happy :]

Anyways, thank you to Marie Lo and Miss Feelo  for leaving those comments on my last post. It really made me feel better and made me at ease. So thank you again, really. On another note, I added disqus to reply to everyone better, so much easier to keep in touch and since it's a new year I thought now would be better thank ever :] I was also able to keep the comments before I installed disqus so that made me happy :] Hope everyone else had a lovely day~

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