Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last Week of Break

One more week of break and I am off to start my classes again. I kinda want to go to get it over with, but part of my feels like the break wasn't long enough. Is it ever though? lol Sometimes it is. 

Anyways, my break has been consisting of watching Black Butler. Have finally gotten around to it and I love it :3 Other than watching anime, I've also been watching dramas. 

Still have to finish Proposal Daisakusen. I just need the special, same with Zettai Kareshi, but I tend to get so lazy when I need just the specials. I haven't finished the Zettai Kareshi special since summer D: I also haven't finished Heartstrings since summer. Geezes, hopefully I can do that before I start school again. 

Have also been reading manga :3 Reread Strobe Edge, one of my favorites. So my break has been nice, with occasional errands to run here and there. 

I also went shopping a bit to get clothes for the spring. But I didn't find a lot of the stuff I wanted :/ But I still found stuff so that's worth something. I have also been buying some stuff online. I got headphones finally!! They are just regular headphones (kinda lol) since I didn't have one and an ipod without headphones isn't much help only for my ihome. 

But anyways I got skull headphones :D I really like them a lot, and they were only $7 So now I am updating my ipod, and boy is that a long ass process. lol I hope I finish today :] (Glad this is all I'm worried about right now lol)

I already got the textbooks I could get online. Was able to get one for $6 with shipping :D 

My skull headphones :3

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