Friday, January 6, 2012

Celebration of Ending Stats

Yesterday was a nice day, I went with my little sister to CSUSB so she can see where her classes are and to get her textbooks. It's her second quarter in the university *tear* she is growing up so fast, lol. That took up most of the day since we left around 2pm and I was going to have dinner with my friends from stats around 5:30. Of course, we went to Gyu-Kaku :D I will probably always talk about this place, very yummy and inexpensive. These were all people from my stats class where we bonded for our hatred of stats lol. Ooh and I found out my grade for stats, I got a B :D I would have loved an A but honestly, honestly, that class took up so much of my energy that I am honestly happy with a B lol. Everyone else got B's as well one C, and the only one who got an A was Paul. He wouldn't really study for tests and he would get A's in everytime -__-'' He would say "it's luck" lol. He is just super smart! He is trying to be modest.

Anywho, we made it in time for Happy Hour, but I didn't get much to eat anyways because I had just eaten with my littler sister at Quiznos because people said they were going to be running late and I didn't want to be starving. So I just got calamari, but I was super thirsty I'm guessing because I drank 6 cups of water! I had to pee really bad afterwards haha. Ooh and our waiter was super cute! He was Asian and had a fohawk and a rat's tail and had his ears a little stretched. My sisters (I was texting them) told me I should have tried to talk to him. PSHHHHHHHHH, I suck at flirting when it comes to guys, or talking to them if I'm interested, yeah right I would try "talking to him" lol. And I'm also not interested in dating right now so there would be no point -__- I don't know why, but I just haven't been getting into dating lately. Anyways as Nani and Hopy like to call it, FOOD PORN :D

My meal + six cups of water lol

Crab :D Tried some, but it was just a leg lol
Miso beef and garlic noodles, soo bomb. Paul gave me some :D
Paul wanted me to take of picture of his Miso beef because it was so good lol, don't mind his face.
So alas, our whole stats gang got together for one more meeting end the celebrations of that dreadful class. It was a good way to celebrate it :] Didn't take pictures of the group because they also don't really like pictures and neither do I lol. Not photogenic at all, haha. 

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