Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thoroughbred Lights

So yesterday I went to go see the lights on Thoroughbred. It has been forever since I seen them though they are just down the street from my house. Last time I saw it was with my ex (bleh didn't want to run in with him and his new gf) and I just avoided that place in general because a lot of people from high school would go there so I just left it alone, and I also didn't have in interest in them. But since my 5 year hiatus of looking at the lights I decided it was time to see them again :D After a hard semester I wanted to walk through the streets and see the lights since they usually go all out :] This year they didn't go out as much, they were still really pretty but the past years was like woah! We think they cut back because of the recession going on. But it was still a bunch of fun :3 The street in my neighborhood are required to have these lights if they live on Thoroughbred so that's why people from around the Inland Empire come to see them. Well here's the snapshots:

This house had a little stage for people to pose :] (my sisters)

I love frosty blue lights

I combined these pics because they wouldn't be next to each other on my blog 
I love how the house on the left did that with their trees, so creative! It gave me the idea that if I lived on Thoroughbred I would do a Willy Wonka themed lights :D On the right, this house was selling all kinds of stuff, as were other houses. They sold nachos, popcorn, churros, hot chocolate, cookies, and other stuff too :] My older sister bought me hot chocolate and a cookie, my goodness was it delicious. They were homemade ;__; I love homemade cookies and my little sister got a churro :]

I love it when they put lights on the ceilings 

People were able to get rides on the fire truck :]

A Grinch themed house :]

They even dressed up their dog to look like Maxx ;A; So cute!

This house was Disney themed, they had Aladdin &Jasmine, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle and the Beast, and they also had Peter Pan and Hook ;o; I love Peter Pan. I took a picture but it was blurry :[

Charlie Brown themed house (I really liked this one)
So overall, me and my sisters had fun :] Spending quality time and what not. My favorite year will always be the first year I went which was with our neighbor Larry and it was when we just moved in and he has horses and threw a Christmas party and invited us. After the Christmas party we all took a ride on this carriage with his horses pulling it through Thoroughbred. It was so beautiful, I will never forget it. Unfortunately, Larry passed away a couple years back, still miss him though he was so nice. 

So, I tried to narrow down the pictures as much as I could but it was hard lol. But I think I did really well, I went from 50 to 20 something. I will probably post the rest sometime later on my Facebook. Nice night :3 We also finished our Christmas shopping and finished the wrapping of the gifts. We came home and watched the Incredibles, that movie never gets old.


  1. wooow! those christmas decorations are insaaaane! So pretty <3

  2. Yeah, I love how they go all out^^

  3. omg wtf this puts shame on the pictures i've taken in tokyo. can't even compare! super pretty lighting! they really go all out :O

  4. Wahh, I thought your pictures of Tokyo were amazing!! When I was there I was thinking about the illumination in Japan ;__; lol But thank you<33 Yeah, they definitely go all out! :]

  5. There are just so many xmas lightings everywhere and anywhere.
    Just makes the whole place feels so CHRISTMASSY. :)
    Tokyo is amazing!

  6. Aww, yeah :] These streets are the only streets that do that but even with just that it is nice :]

  7. Those lights are so pretty! I wish more people were in the Christmas spirit around here. My family isn't really. We don't even have a tree :(

  8. Aww poor Dei :[ We weren't going to have one this year either but this might be the last time in our house. When you're older you can make your own Christmas :]