Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reminiscing Moments from 2011

So many blogs that I follow how been doing this thing where they sum up the whole year on what they did for the start of the new one. I really liked that, it sounded more fun that doing a survey which I was planning on doing lol. I also didn't start blogging till the end of this year, so I thought it would be nice to look back on the stuff I did and keep it as a memory so I won't forget :] I actually had to look in my Facebook for the stuff that happened earlier in the year because I couldn't remember anything past March with the Griffith Observatory xD So here it goes:

Crappy picture, taken on old phone

  • The first time I went to Round 1
  • First time I took Purikura :D
  • First time bowling 
  •  First time I had seen the World of Color 
  • Also saw Quest Crew's performance at UCR :D Got to meet them again :D Victor remembered me<33 :DD Sorry fangirled a bit right there haha.
  • This was also the first time I was in snowfall :D 
  • At this time we also went to Irvine a lot :[ Brings back so many memories, I was constantly drinking bubble tea and going to Cha for Tea.

View of Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory
  • First time I had Chipotle and it was alright, but I don't see what the hype is about to be honest. Everyone I know acts like it's super awesome but it tastes like Americanized Mexican food lol.
  •  First time I went to the Griffith Observatory, more can be found here.
  • First time I had Thai food

    JYJ Concert back in May

    • First time in Little Tokyo, and Koreatown :D 
    • My first concert which was JYJ. I had so much fun, and loved all their songs. More pictures from the concert can be found here.
    • Little sister graduated from high school<3
    • Older sister graduated from UC Irvine<3

    Aki and Mao from the band Sadie (the bass and vocalist)

    • First convention, AM2. Saw Sadie in concert and met them in person, and got their autograph. Same with Heidi and Kanon Wakeshima and Kanon from AnCafe! I saw SCANDAL in concert but didn't meet them. I loved this experience. More about this post can be found here.
    • Got my third ear piercing on each year.
    • Went to the D23 Expo. Got to see a lot of movies coming up and got to see Jennifer Garner and Scarlett Johansson in person. There was other people too like the guy who plays Thor, the guy who plays Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr I think?), the guy who played the green goblin in the first Spider Man movie and other people but I really just cared for Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Garner to be honest. Saw Lion King in 3D before it hit theaters :D
    • Bought my first CD/DVD from Japan :D It was Eat You Alive, $70+ with shipping...but worth it. 
    • Lee Hongki was at UC Berkeley. I was seriously debating to leave class and go to nor-cal lol.

      Jin Akanishi at the Single Release signing

      • Saw Jin Akanishi at the Beverlly Hills Meet Up celebration for his single release of Test Drive :D More about this post can be found here.
      • Went to see the lights on Thoroughbred for the first time in years. 

      Looking back at 2011 it wasn't too bad. Beside the crappy stats stuff which I excluded. I talked about that enough in my posts lol. Looking back, I didn't notice how many firsts were in this year :] I thought this year was filled with crap since it has gotten bad closer to the end of the year :/ But, I'm happy I was able to see that there was a lot more good than there was bad. I was able to change my style more to how I wanted it, though it is still a huge work in progress. But overall, happy with how this year was in general.

      Now 2012
      I never do New Years Resolutions, don't know why I guess it never interested me but this year I am :] This year it is just to work out more, and reach the goal weight I want and hopefully get abs. As well as continue doing well in school. And lastly, be more comfortable with myself. Hope you guys have a happy New Year :D


      1. Happy New Year! (which is in 3 hours for us at this point that I'm typing. LOL)

      2. Nice post ♥
        & you're right, there have been a lot of firsts!!! And omg you met so many popular people...~ not bad OO♥ I'm not a Sadie fan, but kind of a Mizuki fan (yeah..right...) so I envy your for his sign!! haha~ I'll probably never get one because I'm not interested in the band...D: damnit~

        HAPP NEW YEAR & good luck with your resolutions!!

      3. @Rae: Happy New Years ti you too :D Mine is late -__-

        @Mutsumi: You have seen a lot of popular people ;A; I loved your year, so many lives! <33 I wish more jrock bands came to America :[ I <3 Sadie, but Mizuki is really cute! He was also very talkative and friendly :] Awww, sadness :[

        Happy New Year to you as well<3

      4. Is this Sadie? Attractive!

        Abs is totally on my shallow list. Lets be lets-get-abs buddies! haha

      5. Those are two of the band members :] The one on the left plays the bass and the one on the right is the vocalist :] They are very attractive<3 :]

        Lol, shallow or not, it's a good new years resolution! Hahah :] yes, ab buddies, good luck to the both of us! :]